May 21, 2009

For Guin (CC: Maddie)

"Dream big and dare to fail, one day you will succeed.
If you're giving up chances now, it was just that God planned something else bigger.
If you're facing obstacles now, it's just that God made your path ahead shoother.
Always remember, 
The only thing more precious than your dreams is the process of achieving them."

Guin: I love you and am very touched by the faith you have in me. My belief in my dreams are nothing more than a dim, microscopic speck of light, but you're making up for it by believing in me, and you're pushing me to keep on pursuing my dreams when I feel it's impossible. I bet you didn't know this, but recently my dreams have seemed to have dried up. Thanks for pushing me along again.

Maddie: You've got a chance to pursue what you want to do now, never give it up. 
If you're determined to do this, and you really put your heart into this, you can do it. Anyone can as long as they have enough determination and peserverance. I know it sucks to know/feel everyone else is better than you. But if you want your dream badly enough, nothing else matters.
I'm just a phone call / SMS away, okay? (:

Should I try DSA-ing into SAJC?
Jayden says she's going to try DSA-ing into SAJC. If I plan to go to JC, SAJC's the only option I'm looking at. But judging by how I'm faring in school now, I mightn't be able to make it in purely through marks, especially because admission into SAJC is getting increasingly competitive.
Criteria for DSA-ing through Performning Arts:
- Achievement/Awards in SYF competitions
- Representation in international/national competitions
- Distinctions (or equivalent) in music/dance examinations 
- Interviews and/or auditions

I can't do auditions, I'm terribly inflexible. I've never taken any music/dance exam, unless you count ABRSM classical Practical/Theory (Piano) hahaha. They probably won't count that.

I only want to go to SAJC if I plan to go to a JC. Jy and I are both somehow biased against ACJC culture (no offence). OH AND MRS LEE IS AT SA :D

But the problem now is that I don't know if I want to do JC or not. I want to take H2 Bio and Geog and maybe Music if I can make it. But Bio and Geog happen to be the most content-based subjects and that means A LOT of stuff to memorize. And A level music is very hard. 

And what if I do really badly for my A's and can't even make it into a university? If I go to Poly and get a Diploma, at least I can get a job with my Diploma. With only an A levels cert, you can't get anywhere.

SOLVE MY DILEMMA! I need to decide whether I want to try DSA-ing fast.
Actually I don't think I'd make it through the DSA. I'm terribly inflexible and don't dance well.
(It's not being humble, it's a fact)

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