Jun 11, 2009

Now I'm really sad

Together with my Tablet, I lost all my class photo taking photos (with the balloons and stuff) and CHINESE INTENSIVE PHOTOS (remember our very cute class picture with Mdm Lim?)


I should've uploaded those photos on Facebook, I LOVED THOSE. I took pictures of the stupid motivational messages I wrote on my little blackboard every day starting from the week before the Chinese O's. And there's that video of Wanmin advertising for Kelly's Sara lee cake. And the balloon pictures are bloody beautiful. And the pictures of Jenna and Glenda and Teryne playing with powder and throwing it all over the place in the comm arts room. And all the unglam pictures I didn't upload on Facebook/my blog.


ARGH STUPID ME I should've backed my files up. In fact, last week I took the backup disk out and even connected it to my computer but didn't back it up. ARGH!

I WANT MY TABLET BACK!! I want all my photos back T.T

Then again, even if my tablet's found, the bloody theif would probably have reformatted it already.


What's even STUPIDER is that I have this tracking device program but I FORGOT to install it into my tablet. LIKE ARGH WTH!!!!

Fated lah fated, seriously. I WANT MY PICTURES BACKKKKK

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