May 27, 2009

4 more days to O's

De-stressing with Jessie, Cuixiao, Kelly etc was hilarious and I've got a few videos, I'll upload them when I can.
Stupid Cuixiao and her stupid nan ren song HAHAHA

We got our results for the 2006 paper. FOR ONCE I got an A2 for Paper 2 (a low A2 - 70.7%, but still!), but when I calculated my Paper 1 and 2 results I got a B3 -.- Add the results with my Listening compre and Oral, and I'll most probably get C5 for overall.

JIU MING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Lukhei, I got interviewed by some people doing an interview for a poly (Singapore Poly I think) at the bus stop outside school. I hope they only use the video for reference purposes because my hair looked like crap and I was sweating like mad.

I am FREAKING MAD at the first H1N1 case in Singapore, because it means 
There WILL be Dance camp this year NO MATTER WHAT. Even if it's in December. GRR I WANT DANCE CAMP!!!!! It took us so long to persuade the teachers, and now that they're finally willing, this crops up? UGH! Like Dance camp is a yearly tradition but we haven't had camp in two years. We really have to do it this year.

On a final note, 
God is great. (:

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