Apr 10, 2009

Stupid homework

Today's Good Friday and I planned to practise my piano and finish my theory homework and do my A math and Bio, and I ended up waking up at 11 and then eating and calling Baby for a while, then I got cramps so I slept until 4, then I did one A math question (Exe 14.5, Q6) and then watched School of Rock, then my aunt and grandmother came over for dinner because it's my dad's birthday today and then I switched on my computer and my A math textbook suddenly became invisible (even though it's right in front of me).

Easter celebration at City Harvest tomorrow! :D Cui Xiao, Cui Xiao's friend, Jacey and Sarah. ((((((((((:

"Satan always strikes before a blessing is about to come."

Today when I called Sarah and sms-ed Cui Xiao regarding tomorrow, both of them told me they couldn't make it, and I panicked.
When Sarah told me I asked if she would be able to come if we met at a later timing, at 5.15 instead of 4 (we have to go early tomorrow to queue, there might not be enough seats) and she agreed :D
When Cui xiao told me she was meeting a friend tomorrow and wouldn't be able to make it, I almost gave up and said nevermind, but then I remembered that quote and was determined not to let Satan pull this opportunity away from me, so I pursuaded her to wake up earlier and leave earlier and meet me to go for service together.
She said she'd ask her friend, and then later she asked me if it was okay if her friend came along too (:

Never give up (:

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