Apr 10, 2009

"Maths" is actually pronounced "Math" with a slient S!


Hello Shyan! (I never knew you read my blog)
Well partner, if you happen to see this:
I love unglam pictures, especially of chio people. They make me feel a little more normal.
I shall use my webcam to take unglam shots of people from now on.

I showed Jieying the pictures I have of her when she was in P5/P6, and she was so afraid other people happened to be looking at my computer screen so she kept covering the pictures of her and told me never to show them to anyone. Heh.

I have enough unglam/gross-looking pictures in my computer to blackmail almost everyone I know if I want to :D

I have a feeling you're pissed at me / trying to avoid me.
It's okay, and I'm sorry.
Anyway it's not me you're trying to avoid, and it's not me you're disappointing, it's God (:

Rachel Ker, hope you enjoyed service today!

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