Apr 9, 2009

All this is seriously tearing me apart.

(baby, i'd advise you not to read this.)

After almost one and a half years, we realise we don't even know what shapes each others' personalities. And we can't even agree on that.
The things that make us think what we think. The things that make us feel what we feel. We can't even agree on what causes us to be who we are. What's the point of believing this can work out?
How much will our relationship be able to withstand before it breaks?

When you ask me to stop saying those things, it's because we don't want to face up to reality. We hate realising that we're actually so different, that we can't work out. We want to continue believing that everything is okay.

Is it that I can't live without you, or is it that I can't live without love?

I don't know, I really don't. But I can't imagine a life without you.

Then again.. it's only one and a half years.

Save me, someone, help us all become unfeeling.

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