Apr 13, 2009

Sat - Easter celebration at CHC

Jeremy. Some promoter gave him a stack of shampoo samples but he has no hair to try it on! HAHA. Oh and look at Jan's expression at the back :D
Sarah & JaniceCuixiao
Maddie looks like she's eating a ball of light haha
Jan gave us Easter eggs!
Mad being stupid.

Cui Xiao, her friend(Zhuo Ya), Jacey and Sarah came!
Out of the 3 1/4 people I wrote on cards to reach out to, only the 1/4 came (Jacey), the other three didn't come, but it's okay, I like writing letters! :D

The play was interesting. Too lazy to explain.
Anyway, this is my interpretation of it:

The "final solution" that Silas came up with is Man's solution to making the world a better place, it changes people's DNA and disallows them to sin. But it's forced, you aren't giving the person a choice. He's stripped of the ability to choose, he isn't given the freedom of choice. I mean yah it's a good thing but you're stripped of freewil.
God works on love and wants people to choose to follow him willingly. He doesn't want to force people to do anything. We can choose to sin, but we don't, because of our love for God. Isn't that more admirable than if you're being forced to be sinless?

So Silas hated Jesus because he thought he was "a fake", and Jesus forgave and healed the person who killed Silas's wife, which made Silas furious, but when Jesus proved that he could heal Silas and when Jesus loved Silas and got crucified instead of him despite the fact that it was Silas who sinned, Silas saw Jesus's love and power and turned to him.

That's my interpretion of the skit :/
Yay so anyway it was fun! :D

Remember how I said that Jt went deaf in one ear because of my screaming during the JJ concert (>.<)? The doctor said it would heal a little but not fully, because it would be permanently scarred.
Then during the service, when Pastor Kong was preaching, Jt's ear "popped", and guess what!
Her hearing is completely restored!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
Pastor Kong also said that on Friday there was a guy on a wheelchair and he told him to stand up and walk "in God's name", and he pushed his wheelchair away and could walk! :D :D :D
Happy happy, praise God (:

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