Apr 13, 2009

We're worse than neighbourhood school students

A teacher commented that students in "neighbourhood schools" hand up work more punctually than us.

Please lah, just because we're in a good school it doesn't mean we're very punctual in our work :/

I know of friends who studied their asses off in primary school. All I did before the PSLE was to look through my files for about half an hour. My dad bought me 11 assessment books, 7 were untouched and for the other four, only less than a third of each book was done.

Just because we're in a school that is supposedly kind of elite, it doesn't mean we're all hardworking and everything. I know that some people in the sort of "neighbourhood" schools have better attitudes than some of us.

In short, the school name doesn't change anything. We're all the same!

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