Apr 19, 2009

If I weren't attached and if I were slightly less sensible, I'd be completely in love with you

Thank God I don't have to go through that torture.
Infatuation kills.

We had it at Carmen's house. (Btw, I totally can't believe Carmen's the same age as me. I think she looks very mature. When I first saw her I thought she was 20+. And people tell me I look like a Sec 2 -.-)


You know how I always say I look horrid in pictures? This time I really do :D
Jason practising one last time before cg :D
Future policeman!

Jason showing Jacey his phone's MSN function. "See, I can say hello to Xiao Xuan!" (Xiao Xuan was also in the bus) Jacey was very amazed hahaha
Mad: "I like this pic! No smiling"

I was trying to pout like an ahlian. What's Jt doing!
Jt showed me the meaning of ah lian.
Macho future policeman!
They complained that Saunders wasn't doing anything to help so Saunders tried to move an armchair on his own (and failed miserably).


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