Apr 18, 2009


I'm watching the videos I took during my P6 birthday party, laughing like mad

There was one of the videos where Didi and Mandy were dancing to 1985 like they were completely mad, screaming and jumping like hell, singing in a totally different key, and then Mandy went to pull someone else to the floor to dance (my camera didn't capture who it was), then Didi went to pull Jieying who was sitting beside me, hahahaha super funny.
I can imagine Mandy going crazy clubbing one day hahahahaha

Then there was another one where Didi Mandy Jieying and Aruna were dancing to Hey Ya, Aruna looked like a sexy pro whoo! Aruna was the only one who wasn't dancing like a mad person.

And then there's another video that's like 3 seconds long and the camera isn't really focusing on anything and it's very blur and shaky but Aruna's laughter is super super cute.

And then there's another video taken by someone else, Jieying's playing with my electric piano then she looks at the camera and goes "Oiiiiiiiiii! Bu yao wan! :(" and then continues trying to play with my piano, then Joey goes up to her and says something then she whines "Oiiiiii." Her whining reminds me of Cui Xiao's. HAHAHAHAHA

Awwwwww I remember my birthday party now.
I remember we were all supposed to wear skirts (I think Didi came up with that idea) and then Jieying and Chen Min and I think Sharani and Wanying wore pants then people started complaining XD
And I plugged my house microphone in and we started karaoke-ing but the microphone was barely on. And I remember Mandy and I were singing Avril Lavigne songs and she wanted me to sing and I was shy and she said "It's your birthday! You must enjoy yourself!" but I found that statement a bit weird because I didn't equate karaoke to enjoying myself at that time, that was the first time I sang into a microphone (excluding Choir)? I mean the microphone was barely on but still. It was kind of weird and embarrassing to me.

AND AND OH HAHAHA I told everyone to get a coloured cup and label it with their name so that they wouldn't mix the cups up, and Jieying took a yellow one and put "JY", then stupid Joey who came late saw it so he got a yellow cup and put "JY" (for JoeY) too HAHAHA DAMN AWESOME. And when Joey came Wanying wanted to leave but we didn't let her!

And Aruna and Marilyn wore barebacks! Then we kept saying they looked very sexy then Marilyn wore her jacket hahaha

And Mandy and Jieying didn't know how to do the \m/ rocker sign then they anyhow stick out random fingers hahaha damn funny

Oh and I remember during Chen Min's birthday party we went to her house and played with her turtle or something? I remember we tried to be "investigators" and there was a neighbour of hers who was apparently dead or something and somehow we got his letters? Or something? I remember we were quite serious and freaked out HAHAHAHAHA

OH AND AND we wanted to film this little short clip and Wanying was the camerawoman and I was supposed to be the girl who came back with bad results and got beaten up by her mother and committed suicide out of depression, and Jieying was my abusive mother, then like so when I was supposedly getting beaten up I lay on the floor while Jieying pretended to kick me and when her foot accidentally touched me she went "Oh sorry sorry!"
And then my dad came to fetch me home so I had to leave before I was done acting hahahaha

Omgggggg this is so extremely cute. I miss 6B'05 ):

I want to post pictures! AND THE VIDEOS! I shall one day :D but I'm afraid Jieying will kill me.

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