Apr 19, 2009

The things people are willing to do for love

Three instances, the same situations, all in one day.

Killer infatuation.

We need to realise that at this age, when our hormones are all unstable and there's all that puppy love and we fall in love (or rather, in infatuation) very very easily. And things like this wouldn't work out.

How much do you know about him? How long have you known him? How similar are you? When all is lost, what's the thing that would keep the both of you together? Do you really know his character? 

In the case of you three people, you've known your "him"s for what, less than two months? Sure, there's so much to talk about, everything seems great, if I were you I'd be madly clouded with love too. 
(But I'm not, so I'm still sane and my senses aren't clouded. When you're in the initial stage of love, you lose the ability to reason.)
How much longer can you two go on talking away? One day you'd run out of things to say. When you're done telling one another your life stories and everything that happened and how you feel towards Obama and deforestation and animal cruelty and whatever, and then you wouldn't know what to say.

Then what would you do?

How much do you both have in common? How much would you two agree on each other? 

But it's just that you all don't know your "him"s well enough yet. It seems so, but it's only been two months! Even a year is considered very little. (Even two years of knowing each other as friends, in my case).
(That's why I think it's extremely sweet for childhood friends to be in a relationship later on. You've been together as friends for practically your entire life, and you know everything about the other person without needing him/her to tell you)

But then again, nobody likes the feeling of having to like someone else secretly, and the worst thing is that even if you hate the feeling you can't make it go away.

Maybe we're all just lost, empty souls who want to find love because we need to feel wanted, we need to feel that there's someone out there whom your life means everything to, that the person who means the whole world to you thinks that you mean the whole world to him too. We want to feel that that person we're always thinking about is always thinking about us too.

We want to feel like our existence isn't a waste.

I think out of the three people I'm mentioning, only one or two would know I'm referring to them.

To you:
You're a great, outgoing, cheery kid who radiates self-confidence, but I sense an empty hole whose self-esteem is shaky, a lost girl trying to gain acceptance.

To you:
You know this way better than I do. You've been trying hard to find love, you want to feel wanted, you want to feel loved. You fall in love too easily, just like me (but I hardly know any guys). God's right there waiting for you to see that only He can give the perfect love that you need so badly. If you're so sensitive and get hurt so easily by people, how are you going to be able to take a relationship? A relationship usually causes more tears than laughter. A relationship with God, however, is one that's perfect on his part (and it's up to you to make your half as perfect as possible too). No matter how many times you've let Him down, He's still there. 
Of course, easier said than done. Truthfully, I don't know what God's love feels like.

To you:
You know it won't happen.

I say "you" instead of the names not because I want to hide your identity, but more of because the "you"s could be for a lot of people. Somebody who's in the "first" you might even be in all three "you"s. "You" depends on how you look at it. "You" depends on what you think applies to you.

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