Apr 22, 2009

Good girl gone bad

What a pity, what a waste.
You were so pure, a faithful follower of God, but then because you were so well-loved and popular you got influenced negatively by some people, and now your life is something I don't even dare to find out about, because I'm afraid of not being able to handle the truth.

How I'd love to pretend that I didn't know about how much you've changed, how I wish I could continue to believe that you're still the same J I used to know. But I can't ignore the truth, or what little evidence I have of it, anyway.

It's kind of funny but this reminds me about the Si Han I just did yesterday about convincing a guy to stop his addiction to porn.

Come back, come back to God, come back to purity, come back to the place you used to love and call your home. Don't fall any deeper into the trap of corrupt.

People begin to lose their joy of salvation once they go back to their own sinful ways. Come back, and experience God's love again. I'm trying my best right now; you can try to make an effort too. Not for me, and not only for yourself, but even more so for God. Because he's still there waiting for you, he's looking at everything you're doing, he knows your corrupted thoughts and everything you've done to sin against him, but He's still right here waiting with open arms, waiting for you to come back to Him.

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