Apr 22, 2009

Chinese oral exam


I thought I could do well for the text reading bit because I knew most of the words that were considered "harder", but when I read it to Zhu Laoshi I totally stammered like mad, pronounced a SUPER lot of words wrongly and I repeated a lot of the words, my pace was not consistent at all and there were a lot of stops and squinting and "uh"s.

Then for the conversation bit I'M SUPER ANGRY AT MYSELF because the topic really wasn't a hard one but I totally screwed it! It was about spreading pictures of others online. Firstly, I thought it was posting pictures, not spreading, so I was kind of off topic. And I couldn't remember the word for "privacy", or "respect", so I really couldn't say much, so I ended up saying "understand others' feelings" about three to five times?! And that was all I talked about! Not understanding others' feelings and being selfish. If I'd remembered the word for "privacy" or "respect" I'd be able to talk about two more points can. So I just harped on that one point for about, what, two/three minutes? Before I ran out of things to say. 

GOSH SO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I didn't apply whatever Mdm Lim taught me. I wanted to wrap up with a conclusion but I didn't want to end up saying "understand others' feelings" again so I just sat there and stared at him until he said I could go. 


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