Sep 27, 2008

I want to update so much more but I've no time

After having the same ambition for the past nine years but keeping it from everyone:

I want to be like Tay Kewei. (:

I bet you it won't change. My ambition hasn't changed for the past nine years.
Today I've finally revealed it.
(Partly because hardly anyone's going to see this because they're all revising for FYEs)

I've lied to quite a lot of people about my ambition because it's really embarrassing. I always tell people I just want to do music and I don't care what job it'd be as long as it's related to music, but it's always been much more specific than that.

Of course I wouldn't mind doing any job as long as it's related to music. I could even work with Wewe and be the receptionist. (Actually I think that's the best job. Pick up the telephone and go "Hai die yin yue sen lin" all day and take attendances and chat with students - and the artistes when they come - and eat in the office although it's stated NO EATING and play online Mahjong with the rest of the people in the main office when Boss ain't here)

But my ultimate ambition's always been much more specific.

I want to be exactly like Tay Kewei. (:
For those of you who don't know who she is:
She joined Project Superstar but was super late for the auditions because she'd just rushed back from JJ'S CONCERT IN TAIPEI. She's a backup singer for people like JJ, Leehom & David Tao. She's got videos of her singing on Youtube. I just watched the Di Yi Ge Qing Chen (by Leehom) one. Her voice in that video isn't as good as how it can be but it still rocks the shit out of me anyhow. Just went to her blog. I officially love her to the max.

Janice helped me take the application form for Very Singers' Training Course, the one JJ, By2, A-do (basically all the OB singers because they had to go through the training course lah), Kewei, Junyang etc graduated from. Jt was once inside too because of her composing talent (:
The stupidest thing is that auditions are at the end of the year which means that the course'd be during O level year.
I definitely won't be able to get in lah, they select like very very few people, and then during the course most of them get kicked out along the way also until there are like damn few left. Their standards are fucking high (Obviously lah, like hello IT'S A SINGER'S TRAINING COURSE -.-)
But I think I'll go for the auditions with the JMs anyway, just for fun, to see where I stand, even though I know my parents won't let me join because it's O level year.

Eh wait, maybe I'd want to be like Xueling laoshi instead.
Nono. Xueling laoshi's practically a goddess. Kewei's more realistic (:
No wait. Before all this, I aspire to be like Ariel Guo (: (Although I don't think she knows who I am) Even that's too far off please.

I ASPIRE TO BE LIKE JANICE. (: (Go jan! I plan to post vids of you singing after exams, together with my camp videos and everything :D)

There, I've just told the everyone my dream. I'll continue to lie if people ask me, but whoever sees this post knows now.

I'll continue singing my heart out in OB and working on mistakes pointed out by Laoshi and composing tunes to Spermin's half-done lyrics (so we always end up with half-done songs) and grabbing every opportunity that comes my way (if my parents allow me to).
And if I end up with a job not related to singing (which is highly probable), I'll buy a home studio and sing my life away.

Stop asking me why I'm in Dance. I vowed never to take Choir because in primary school my choir instructor hated me (because my singing sucks lah). She kept saying my voice is very airy (but I've managed to change it, but now it's too strained haha I'm the pro), I joined Dance because Nadine wanted to.
Okay wait I'll save my Dance post for another day, probably when I'm about to step down. (:

I should be studying.

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