Mar 31, 2008

consultation with MR LEE & SHOPPINGGG!

“Mr Choy is maths siao one. When he’s feeling down ah, you give him a maths question, he’ll start feeling damn high one.”
“After watching Rule Number One, everyone in the cinema was staring at me. Because I was laughing.”

consultation was fun! we all met mr lee at macs at Harbourfront and the first thing he said when he saw us was “what would you do if i told you i wanted to go to the police academy at choa chu kang to study instead?” -.-!
i don’t know if mr lee knew i was taking this picture, but anyway, these two heart-shaped tiny cushion thingies with magnetic hands are super cute!
so at the police academy, mr lee stayed with us for a while and then went off to support crescent NP, so Glenda taught us everything instead.
omg, i suddenly understand titration and precipitation! LOVE GLENDA! but Glenda was feeling quite pissed because she didn’t learn anything because mr lee was spending half the time with NP. hahaha.

and after my piano class, THE OBJMS MET UP to go shopping for clothes to wear for the in-house concert!
i actually already had an outfit, but when we were looking at clothes i found this cutecute dress thingy that i thought i looked a bit like a waitress in, but everyone else thought was okay on me, so i bought it lor.
i’m probably going to sell it after the concert though. i really hope someone would be willing to buy it, because the dress is actually pretty cute and stuff (in my opinion) but i’m too ugly to wear it. SOMEONE PLEASE BUY IT FROM ME.
and found a SUPER NICE SUPER HUGE WHITE TREBLE CLEF NECKLACE!!!! super cute. but i may sell it after the concert too. but it’s SUPER NICE OMG. :D
and we found ties with piano keys
on it! super nice. $10, wth, haha, but it’s seriously nice. we were all screaming like idiots in the shop lah.
and i bought a silver belt. don’t know when i’m going to use it, maybe i’ll sell that too -.-
walked and walked and walked and i still couldn’t find a nice band or hairband or pair of shoes, and all janice got was a white tee. jt didn’t get anything. ):
walked and walked around for around 4 hours i think. super unproductive leh ):
then cabbed to maddie’s house! haha, her golden retriever Sundae was wearing one of those cone thingies to prevent him from scratching his face, i think? and maddie went “he’s wearing a cone, he’s my ICE-CREAM SUNDAE!” HAHA. and then we were crowding around Sundae when maddie suddenly shrieked “COME SUNDAE! FISHY FISHY! COME SUNDAE, FISHY! FISHY, SUNDAE!” and she ran to the small fish pond at her porch, and sundae ran to the pond and started drinking the water, HAHAHAHA

got quite emo at maddie’s house because we were all quite tired. JT! BU YAO KU LE LAH, everyday cry like siao, it’s making me feel so useless because i don’t know how to comfort you leh! ): smile okay? ):
our singing SUCKS, we’re super done for.


  • Jan and jt, the breathing part (the last 8 counts) sound pretty weird, like as if you’ve gotten an asthma attack, so jiayou! i mean it’s not like i can beatbox or whatever, but it really sounds funny from the video i recorded.
  • everyone, BLEND!
  • DYNAMICS!!! FEEL THE SONG. plainly singing it without emotions is as good as not singing at all. actually it’s probably worse, because we’d be torturing the people’s ears. FEEL, PEOPLE!
  • singing loudly dosen’t mean shrieking! we must try and reduce our bi yin, sound more “rounded”.
  • and i need to improve on my pitching for the harmony, especially during baby baby and ai xiao de yan jing.

(the first pic is of cuixiao holding one end of the correction tape tape and kelly holding the other end at the pavement at the other side of the road. :D)

Mar 28, 2008

Karen Goes For Facial?!

“you think what, you hold longer then it will get harder ah!”
- the Mr Horny Lee during chem class.

my mum asked me to go for a facial at Amore because my face is in such a terrible condition (as everyone knows) and i’m in desperate need of SOME hope for my poor face. i totally humiliated myself by going to the Fitness counter and saying “Um hi, I’m Karen and I’m looking for Angela..?” and they were like so confused and stuff because they weren’t expecting anyone called Karen and they didn’t know anyone called Angela. then later they found out i went to the wrong counter. and then i exited from the wrong place and i nearly tripped. OH WHATEVER MAN.
omg, the facial place is OMG SO COOL.
they had a place i could shower first so i did, but the room door had no lock and the shower door was translucent and the door was aligned with the room door. (shower door: the door on the right of the pic) and i was just about to bathe when someone knocked on my room door and opened it and i panicked and went “omg, sorry, please don’t come in D:”
the lady was really nice. :D and i somehow felt really comfortable. they took me to this place to dry my hair and they even gave me tea, OMG DAMN COOL. XD
super SHIOK man, haha. but there was this part where it felt like she was using a needle to pierce deep holes all over my poor face. i started tearing uncontrollably and she thought i was crying and she kept asking me if it was painful. :P she must’ve felt so bad. D:
and the mask thingy felt like shuang, haha. i was half asleep even though i didn’t really feel tired at all, felt like i was floating or something, i couldn’t even think of moving because i felt so relaxed. so cool lah can. :D but i think she used an exfoliating mask or something, because now i see a lot of pimples beneath my skin ready to come out, OHSHIT my face is going to erupt soon. SO NOT THE RIGHT TIME. now 300 people will see my pimply face during the concert. D:
and after that my hair was super messy and i was panicking and attacking it with my pathetic brush, and then the lady said she was going to bring me to the hair dryers! omg they’re danm smart. x333
& i feel refreshed! was a really cool experience.
AGAINAGAINAGAIN! shall go beg my mum or something.
HAHA I SIAO ALREADY. sorry lah, i feel like some 4-year-old at a toy store. whoo!
ok i feel damn loser-ish. haha whatever, people poor and deprived cannot ah!
oh and omg i saw a nice pair of shorts at Ice Lemon Tee. UP 39.90, now going for 10.90 WTH!!! my dad didn’t let me buy though. saw a nice jacket thingy at 77th street too but it was like $45, haha. oh what the hell, i’m being random. :D
i haven’t gone shopping in YEARS! nvmm! TOMORROW :D

Mar 27, 2008



haiyo, and i’m feeling so emo today.
there’s this jj party at kbox today, and my mum dosen’t let me go, and now shermin’s telling me that her friend has backstage passes and she said i could go and bring another friend along too.
OMGGGG. super pissed. ):

plus we’re like super dead for the ob concert. i know i’ve said it countless times but we’re really really dead.
even wujia knows we’re dead, when we kept singing and going off-key and laughing our heads off at our stupid mistakes.
xueling must hate us or something, she probably regrets allowing us to perform. i know the reason they took us in is because of the beatboxing, making our performance unique and stuff, but our singing is the worst in the group, and plus everyone else is in the intermediate and advanced classes.
we’ve got so much catching up to do, we must prove to be as good as all the other performers. we can’t have any excuses for doing badly during the concert, because the 300 people in the audience won’t care if we have the least experience, or we’re the only people from the beginners’ course. performers are performers.
we really have to work extra super hard okay? we need to improve our pronunciation and pitching and feelings and dynamics and mot importantly, GROOVE. we shouldn’t be so stiff, tap our feet to the beat or something to help our beat and “punch”.
i don’t know if we can do it anymore, but anyway, JIAYOU JMS!

pics to make me feel better (:

- maddie and her beloved ob mike.

Mar 26, 2008

four-minute frenching.

Summay of 25-03-08 practice

Performance preparation: LEFT BRAIN
- Memorize lyrics
- Vocal technicalities before practice/performances
- Mic handling:

1. Don’t cover metal part of mic while singing.
2. Hold down, three fingers away from face
3. Don’t pull mic away from face – if it’s too loud, put it slightly to the side of your mouth instead of facing your mouth directly.
- Facial expressions:

1. Eye contact with ALL audience and each other
2. Don’t look at ground/blank out.
3. Look confident
- Posture – Look confident, NO SLOUCHING *smacks myself*
- Body language -
Grid 2 movements: movements not too small. Smile while singing happy songs

When on stage: RIGHT BRAIN
Thoughts? Handle adrenalin. CONTROL YOUR NERVOUSNESS. don’t blank out because there’s a large audience..
- Prepare for “disasters”. If mic dosen’t work/monitor not working/wrong song, inform guys at the side politely.
- Don’t worry about lyrics/pitching: the more you worry the more you’ll forget.
Have confidence in yourself and don’t care about “face”!
Enjoy the performance, don’t worry about how you do.

Next class next Tuesday. Come to OB right after school. Janice dosen’t have band practice so we’ll have much more time to practice. Maddie, DON’T SLEEP ALREADY LAH! XD

Saturday 3.30PM – Shopping for clothes. Meet at Orchard MRT control station.

Dresscode: White and black with a bit of ONE other colour, if possible. Going to Maddie’s house after that – may end around 9pm? I have to ask my parents for permission to stay out late but I think it’ll be okay lah.

We seriously need all the practice we can get, people! We’re the only people there who are from the beginners’ class, and after hearing the others sing, I think we’re seriously done for. We need to add a beatboxing segment in the song and get our pitching right, especially for Hurray. We’ve got to sing louder, so that we can hear each other and not end up singing in different keys, like what happened yesterday. That was scary okay. Singing louder dosen’t mean no blending. We’ve got to sing louder but hear one another more at the same time.


i kept telling myself, “okay, last one, last one”, “i’m going to do my a math homework after this”, “just this one more”, “i seriously have to stop soon”, “after this, after this”.
but it didn’t end until 2h 15min later.
haha, i’m addicted to kissing you. (:

Mar 24, 2008

SUNDAY: spop finals!

janice and celeste are super fun to take pictures of. :D will post up another time!
celeste’s damn cute lah, she always says something super lame and then goes “okay not funny” before we even have time to react XD
and we all started playing with celeste’s marshmallows by like half-putting them into your mouth and looking stupid, haha. the pics are super cute. :D
AHH THE FINALS WERE SUPER FUN. we were all queuing backstage, and saw some “celebs” walk past, e.g. quan yifeng. XD but didn’t see any singers; they used another entrance lah. but we saw billy koh :D and


janice maddie jt and i started going crazy. :D we shouted ‘LAOSHIII!” and he went “eh!” and pointed at us in this super cute way. then we screamed and beat him with our pompoms and he ran away, haha.

OMG JJ WAS SO SUPER CUTE! we didn’t manage to ask him if he was going for the OB in-house concert though, argh wasted. dancing was FUNFUNFUNFUN! jt and i were right in front of jj; so when he looked down the first people he’d see would be the both of us!! :D but the stupid cameraman was crouching right in between jt and me. TRYING TO SEPARATE THE TWO OF US HUH! D:

we got super lousy seats after the performance, our view was totally blocked by these stupid light pillars. quite sad lah. and we missed jj’s qi dai ai performance because we were backstage.

omg XIAO JING TENG!!!! AHHH. he hardly talks at all, but when he sings, he sings SO WELL MAN. :D

and no offence, but elva hsiao’s dress was quite funny lah.

“they had no money to buy her a dress, so they got her a curtain” – maddie. tskk!

and wujiaming laoshi went onstage! he was super shy and didn’t want to sing, AIYOH, come on lah wujia, shy what shy!
we shouted “WUJIAMING!” when the commercial break was on and he was going down the stage, and he looked up and saw us screaming and waving and grinned raised up his right hand into a peace sign! HAHAHA HE SO CUTE LAH x33333 LAOSHIII!
jj’s caocao performance was SUPER OMG THE BEST. SO SHUAI LAH HE :D and his dancing is WHEEEEE!

after the thing ended, the jjfc members sitting at the east wing kept shouting stuff like “JJ JIAYOU!” and “XIAO ZHUANG NI HEN SHUAI!!” (xiao zhuang is jj’s YuanLaiWoBuShuai character) and he waved at us a lot. :D

but poor jt's vision was going a bit sot and she started seeing double a lot, probably because of lack of sleep (she only slept for an hour because she was doing homework). see lah jt, cannot like this okay. wo xin tong le ah!

and i’m really surprised i didn’t lose my voice. i kept screaming and jumping around like some retarded woman when everyone else was screaming, and even when noone else was screaming. -.- and everyone would just stare at me and go “woahh.” XD i officially declare that i can scream super loud when i feel like it. :D

Mar 23, 2008

SATURDAY: spop rehearsal, jj autograph session!

met at indoor stadium at 12.30 for the spop rehearsal!!!
JJ WAS LIKE SO SUPER CUTE CAN! we were crowded around the platform he was standing on for the dance, and jt janice celeste maddie and i were in the circle closest to jj ;D

and we were all screaming and he was grinning away, then janice went “ohmigosh so scary!” and jj heard, and he was like, “who, me? scary?” then he pulled his cap low low and stared at janice for like SUPER LONG with that act-cool pose and everyone started going OHHHHHH and janice was like covering her face in embarrassment! HAHA

and then jj showed us his “new mike!” it’s so cool can, it’s gold and there’s the initials “JJ” near the bottom.

he rehearsed twice with us! WHEEEE.

then after that it was around 3 already, so we chionged to IMM. ob booked a small area for JJFC so we would still be in front :D

and remember once i blogged about seeing a crescentian in OB, the 17-year-old one who apparently acted in a mediacorp show once? SHE PERFORMED!!!

before the thing started, she, another girl and a guy sang on stage. you’d never guess she was 17 man.

and plus i heard them practicing in OB before, last Tuesday i think! i was waiting for jt to come out of her piano class and for the ob inhouse concert practice to start. :D

AHHHHH JJ SO CUTE!!! he and jinsha sang qi dai ai, and jj danced too WAHAHA

and later when jinsha was singing halfway, jj came out with his gold jacket fully zipped up and wearing some weird specs – the face of the specs was striped black and white. then he and Rambo (jj’s ultra cute dance teacher) started going damn crazy and doing some really weird hand movements around jinsha, haha. I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE TOOK A VIDEO OF IT!

jt passed jj the heart thing we made, but i think he thought only jt made it, not me, haha. jj nearly didn’t even shake my hand man, so i purposely stuck my hand out in front of him while he was about to sign the next cd. HAH.
my jj dosen’t remember me anymore ): i mean he’s forgotten me a long long time ago lah, but i’m still quite pissed, haha.
after the autograph session we rushed back to the indoor stadium for a second rehearsal, but this time jj wasn’t there. ):

PICS ANOTHER TIME! i’ll put up super a lot of pics yeah. :D

chionging homework!!!

jjfc will be dancing with jj yeah! with POMPOMS!!!

omg damn cool, plus i'm like standing directly below jj, so if he looks down the first person he sees will be me (and laogong)!!!!!! but we're not facing the camera. but we're facing HIM. heeeeeee :D
remember to watch ok people!
but the pompom dance is seriously going to be super messy. nvm, just hear jj sing can already yeah? ;D

will blog about yesterday's rehearsals and autograph session on monday!
chionging newspaper article + bio tys + bio theory wb now. D:

Mar 20, 2008


GO GO GO ROSHINI! pro runner. ;D
went to city hall with sec 3 dancers after sports carnival! supposedly went there to "bond" but didn't really do much "bonding" lah. went to some place near marina square i think, sat on this grass patch and talked about the sec 4 farewell party.
then shermin ling and i went to suntec's mango. :D
YOU KNOW THE STUPID CHANGING ROOM, the curtains didn't have any hook or whatever securing it, so it was really easy to look at a person changing(!) ling and i kept panicking and holding the curtains to the sides of the room while trying to change (yeah, three of us shared a cubicle), haha.
okay i know this black dress looks super weird in the pic but it's actually very nice okay. XD
i didn't realise sherm was taking a picture :P

(i wasn't aware that the camera was going to snap. AHH D:)

and i absolutely refuse to upload the other pics because i look even weirder in those. still don't know why i look so shitty today. probably my shit hair. oh, and my pimples. oh and my ultra oily face. oh and the fact that my dance shirt's far too big. haha, fine, i've accepted the fact that i look like shit long ago anyway.

sherm eating helium.

by2's new song!!
oh crap, i'm already addicted to it. i mean it's very cutesy, somehow reminds me of bang bang tang and hei se hui mei mei (NOOOO), but it's nice right!! i mean it's not like, over cute or anything.
yeah, i think by2 will probably be really popular when they release their album leh. haha, plus they can dance really well, unlike bbt & hshmm (?!). plus i don't think anyone can sing worse than those two groups. sorry, i really really don't think bang bang tang and hei se hui mei mei deserve to be in the entertainment circle. they totally cannot sing or dance. i mean, they have looks, but no talent whatsoever.

i'm mental D:

i've decided to blog about by2. (: i'm mental.
i thought they were super ah lian bitches. i mean, you can't blame me; when the only thing you see when you step into ob is , you start getting really pissed okay. i mean, this picture is mega act-cute plus super ah lian. dosen't everyone agree? come on.
but maddie was right; after reading their blog and getting to know them through their posts, they don't seem that bad anymore. and they definitely don't seem bitchy lah.
oh they're not 15 btw, they're 16. (:
yeah, they're really pretty. i guess i'm really prejudiced in the sense that i think all girls who are pretty in an ah lian way and speak bad english and dress super ah lian-ish-ly are the bitchy kind. well i've met quite a number of bitchy ones; in fact, i've known far more bitchy "ah-lians" than nicer ones. well, most people think that when they look good, their "inner beauty" dosen't really matter anymore, eh. (except for people like joan, nadine and vana, yeah? :D)
(i don't think the by2 twins speak that bad english, but they use the slightest hint of twit language "haiz", "cheemz" etc, but not the "iie haiitexx euux" kind lah. XD)
maybe it's also because i look really ugly and i can't stand seeing pretty people get their way a lot, or get to wear stuff i wouldn't dare imagining myself wearing?? :( envy.
i mean, if i looked 1% as good as by2, and could wear the clothes they wear, i probably wouldn't think their dressing (the a-bit-too-punk clothes or the above-the-knee-length striped socks, stuff that seemed a bit too over-the-top) was ah-lian.
then again, joan and vana are mega chiobus, and they wear ultra nice clothes, but they aren't ah lian at all. :/ oh whatever, ANYWAYYY.
which is why i really couldn't stand by2 after seeing them on the video they screen at the ob office and seeing their "Are You Ready For The BY2 Generation?" poster with all the super UGH ah-lian pictures, the biggest one being the one i posted above (^). they... looked like the perfect example of ah lian bitches to me, somehow. plus their dressing emphasized that, yeah.

(okay lah, these pictures are not really ah lian, it's more of the high striped socks in some of the other pictures that really did it. go search for them yourself :D)
but i guess, i don't know lah, different people have different lives? and they're blessed with superb dancing skills and singing talent (supposedly; i mean i haven't heard them sing before, but OB wouldn't have decided to train them if they couldn't sing right?), but their lives aren't all good either. they had to quit school when they were 15 because OB was going to train them to become singers. imagine quitting school at sec 3, without even an O level cert to back you up if you fail as a singer after a while.well i guess they'd probably become models or dancers, but still, everything does seem quite vulnerable when you don't even have an o level cert, doesn't it?
plus, i think their father died when they were fifteen or something (read in their blog about how their father "真的走了", and then went on to talk about how he told them to follow their dreams or something), and how they were quite financially unstable at one period of time, and faced some problems when they wanted to join the course?
i'm not too sure about that part; maybe i interpreted it wrongly because my chinese's so terrible.
by the way, i don't get how people from supposedly "poorer" families have really nice clothes, handphones, bags etc. maybe they all have rich boyfriends, HAHA.
anyway, i guess my opinion of them has changed... and i guess i shouldn't be so ready to judge people who look and dress ah lian-ish-ly.
but seriously, i know very few nice ah lians. :/
well, maybe the by2 twins are bitchy, are the kind i hate the most; just that they don't show it on their blog? or maybe they're like me, their blogs reveal their true identity, and they're actually really nice people. i shouldn't judge people until i know them personally lah.
see lah, i don't know what i'm talking about again. i never really do know what i'm talking about eh, i guess i was born to be a nonsensical blogger :/

by2's blogs:,

oh and according to maddie, during one of the wednesdays after OB class, we were singing in the toilet (as usual) and they came in to touch up on their makeup or something (can't remember what maddie said lah. blame it on STM). haha, they must've gone deaf with our singing screaming eh. what to do, i think we've killed off nearly everyone in OB's ears already because we sing so much. XD
oh. poor wu jiaming. D:

Mar 19, 2008


To Maddie, Janice & Jt.

***Reminder to self: Email contacts to
(by the way, peeps, do we have to email the contacts of all 4 of us or just 1??)

We’re supposed to come up with a THREE TO FOUR MINUTE performance – medley of songs.

Performance practice sessions:
Tues 25 Mar 7.30pm at ROOM J – Come prepared with performance songs
Tues 1 Apr (Time unconfirmed) at OB (venue unconfirmed) – Full dress rehearsal (we have to go out to buy clothes before that!!!!)

1.30pm. Meet at YMS Auditorium, City Hall, Waterloo St. Dress code: SMART CASUAL. MAKEUP. ACCESSORISE. (jt suggested we go out one day to buy clothes??)
Performance number SIX.
** Allowed to bring two friends each. Non-performers meet at 2.30

Medley (so far):
Mu Nai Yi (verse only)
Wei Qiang (chorus)
Bai Pan (chorus)
Sarang Heyo (chorus)
Kong Qiu Qian (chorus)
Ai Xiao De Yan Jing (chorus)
Baby Baby (chorus)
Bu Liu Lei De Ji Chang (bridge only)
Qi Dai Ai (chorus, repeat last sentence)

I think we should use piano accompliment for Wei Qiang, Bei Pan, Sarang Heyo, stop at Kong Qiu Qian and switch to beatboxing (except for bu liu lei de ji chang, maybe? and ai xiao de yan jing? i dunno)

Meet on Friday. Maddie, please confirm your tuition time! We’ll discuss the accompliment (piano/beatbox) arrangements, make sure we can hit all the notes without dying halfway (remember, C major!) and TOTALLY BRUSH UP ON Baby Baby, Wei Qiang, Bei Pan & ESPECIALLY QI DAI AI.


Mar 17, 2008


my dentist: "i hereby FREE YOU!"

no, don't remind me that i'll have to put retainers again anyway. SHH. i'm free for now!!!
so funny leh, now i feel that there's something on my teeth. which is quite ironic. i didn't feel anything when i had braces and now that it's off and i feel like there's something there, haha.
well, i definitely won't miss the stupid wires poking into my gums, or scratching against the insides of my cheek and causing the skin to come off, or causing stupid cuts on my tongue.
i bet laogong won't miss them either eh, all those cuts from the wires. XDD

laogong the guilian-er.

LAOGONG!! x333333


HAPPY BIRTHDAY marilyn and bryson and jackson!
although i think only jackson will see this, hahaha, ):

JJ!! :D

Mar 16, 2008


hehe. laogong met me after my tuition and my dad fetched us to mediacorp!
waited for a bit. janice told me that she and maddie would wear fbts but THEY CHEATED MY FEELINGS D: at least i didn’t believe them and wear fbts too. HAHA.

the practice was fun lah, the actions are really simple but I KEEP FORGETTING THE SEQUENCE X( it’s doing the same thing again and again but the sequence is different almost every time, leaving me totally confused and smacking my head every 8 counts. and if i happen to raise the wrong hand on the day itself i’m dead, because the pom-poms are yellow on the right hand and red on the left (or the other way around), so it’d be damn obvious. XD
and the worst thing is that
there’s a rehearsal on 22nd march, which is jj’s autograph session date. jjfc was planning to meet up at 9.

and the rehearsal starts at 12.30 pm, and ends at around 2, so by the time we get back to IMM (where the autograph session is) it’ll be around 3.15. THE AUTOGRAPH SESSION STARTS AT 4.


freaking pissed okay!
but at least jj’ll be at the 12.30 rehearsal, hehehe.
BUT STILL! i don’t want to be at the back for the autograph session! i’ve never been at the back ever since i joined jjfc! I’VE ALWAYS BEEN IN THE FRONT ROW ONE OKAY?!

i really hope ob will let us book a space in the front, because it really isn’t our fault we can’t make it.


to those dancing for the finals, i've posted the sequence of the actions in the jjfc forum. link HERE(:



coach justin’s last official practice with us!
he’ll come back once in a while and stuff, but we’re getting a new coach already )):
coach ah, how can you pangseh us!
we’ll really miss you, all your nagging and making fun of us.
famous quotes from coach Justin:

“eh, bring your arms up ah!”

“run faster! so slow!”

“stretch out your legs!”
“i say how many times already ah…”
“y’all two ah (sumay and me), keep talking and talking and talking you know!”
“tsktsktsk, you two ah, faster lah!”
“aiyoh whatever lah, you and your JJ lin.”
“see? i’m so nice right?”
“i know, i’m very handsome one.”
“excuse me, i’m like, so popular lah.”

i don’t think we’d get as much fun from any other coach ):
haha, imagine, you were sixteen when you first coached us in 2006. (or omg, did you start coaching us when you were 15 in 2005??! can’t be right?) i bet you’ve got white hair for screaming at us so much already eh!
and i bet you never knew this, but you really made sumay and i think a lot, even during our sleepovers. for some reason. we’d just start talking about you a lot, and our conversations would get really serious sometimes. we think you’re very mentally strong, like how you can set a goal for yourself and try so hard to achieve it. like how you studied like crazy for your o levels and stuff; we’d never be able to be half as determined as you. well, and about other stuff that you wouldn’t like us to say out here lah. but we do admire you a lot and we’ve learnt a lot from you, and not just badminton alone. (feel honoured! you never knew right!)
oh yes, we’ll never forget you, beloved coach :D and all the best for your a levels!

(sumay and i both look screwed in the last picture but we decided to post it up anyway, because YOU LOOK THE SCREWEDEST HAHAHA. sorry lah coach, you're just not photogenic i guess. :P)

OH AND PS. you told me that you were in choir in JWPS too? did you take part in 2002’s SYF? i have the choir picture; YOU’RE THE GUY AT THE BACK NEARER THE LEFT IN SPECS RIGHT!!!! HAHAHA! i’m in the first row btw, the extra short one who looks really really really funny. :D i was in p3! hahaha.
p.p.s. if you’re reading this, YOU MUST TAG OKAY. you very mean leh, tag sumay’s blog then never tag mine one. D:


Mar 14, 2008


me: "you know uranus, the rings around planets are usually horizontal, but uranus has rings that are vertical because its axis of rotation lies on its side, so its equator is our north and south pole."
laogong: "oh, maybe that's where ultraman got his head shape from."

ever since cui xiao asked me that question, i had been thinking about it for so long, what really described this feeling.
happy? cool? nice? fun? nothing really fit.
until you said it, and i realized nothing could fit the description better.
"it feels like love."

Mar 12, 2008



laogong and cuixiao decided to come over to my house today after extra lessons (for cuixiao and me lah.) and cuixiao and i walked to school in the rain and my hair was totally drenched by the time we got to the mrt station, so my fringe looked terrible. cuixiao said i looked like my sec1-sec2 self (*GASP!*), and cuixiao and laogong started trying to comb my fringe to make it look better, but gave up in the end and started trying to make it look as terrible as possible -.-
laogong got quite fascinated with the new electric drum set (which is currently sitting in my living room because we’ve got no place in the house to put it -.-) and cuixiao, uh, found out the combination for my savings box thing and opened it. haha, nothing much to look at inside anyway, just 70cents’ worth of 5 cent coins :D
and cuixiao was like, SUPER extra okay, trying to tickle and seduce laogong and me. in the end laogong and i spent the whole time trying to get her hands off us. and laogong bit cuixiao’s finger, and cuixiao started biting us and licking laogong’s finger WTH, ugh.
cuixiao: “eh, you two, kiss leh.”
laogong and me: O.o?!?!
cuixiao: i’m bored lah, you have to entertain me. :(
HAHA whatever man.
ob passed in a flash, seriously. it was too short lah!
but anw.
WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"her hair glistened in the rain, just like nose hair after a sneeze"
- from lingling from gladys. XD

laogong ah, fainted yesterday right after smsing me that she had a terrible stomachache and may need to go to the hospital. she didn’t even tell me she stayed in the hospital for the whole of last night! but she was well enough to go to vivo with me today :D apparently the stomach virus thing can be spread through saliva, so today was quite a sad day ):
met sumay and binkai at 3.30. HAHA, binkai looks like sumay’s father because of their height difference. :D
is the BEST movie ever okay. out of the 4 movies i watched in 2 weeks (ps i love you, L change the world. 10000BC, august rush), this is the only show that made me cry, the only movie that made me feel so excited i started gripping laogong’s hand and stamping on the floor and squealing, it really made me feel.
it’s a great movie, especially for music lovers. maybe those without a passion for music will think the show’s really stupid, but all music lovers ESPECIALLY FELLOW JMS HAVE HAVE HAVE TO WATCH IT!
storyline (don’t read if you’re going to watch the movie anytime soon):

(by the way, i’m putting it in small font because it’s too lengthy and takes up a lot of space. copy and paste it into Microsoft word to read if you have poor eyesight :D)
it’s about this guy who’s the lead singer in a band, and a woman, lyla, who’s a pro cello player. they happen to meet and have sex and fall in love with each other, but the next day the girl’s father makes her leave for another country (forgot which country). lyla gets pregnant but in a car accident, she’s told that she had a miscarriage. actually, lyla’s father sent the baby for adoption D: and lyla dosen’t find out until 11 years later.
the boy, evan, grows up in some stupid orphanage and gets bullied and stuff. he loves music although he dosen’t know how to play music, and believes that his parents love him and want to find him, and that if he played music, his parents would be able to “hear” and find him. after leaving the orphanage, he meets this small boy who plays the guitar and sings DAMN WELL OMG, he only sang for 2 seconds and i started crying somehow, OMG. the small boy takes him to where he grows up – this man takes in homeless children and teaches them how to busk. they must give him the money they earn but he gives them food and a place to stay. when evan touches a guitar, he starts to play it and he begins to play it really really really well, by sort of like beating on the strings. and everyone’s shocked, because he never touched a musical instrument before. obviously, the man teaches him how to busk and evan soon becomes his favourite kid. the man sees this sign “August Rush To The Beach” (or something) on a van and renames evan August Rush. but one day evan runs away from him (forgot why O.o), and ends up in a church (and omg, they sing freaking well too). this small girl teaches him the keys in a piano and how to read the scores, and by the time she comes back from school, august has totally learnt how to read notes, and composed a tune, and actually taught himself to play the organ. the girl obviously thinks he’s a monster XD
and the guy in the church sees his potential and thinks he’s a prodigy, sends him to some music school where august learns more about music, and then he composes a rhapsody.
he was only eleven, by the way.
and there’s a major annual spring concert and his rhapsody was going to be performed, and he was going to be the conductor for that piece, and what he didn’t know was that his mum was going to be a guest performer in that concert. but one day before the concert the man (the one who renamed him) took him back. when he’s busking again, he meets this guy (who’s actually his father but both of them don’t know) and they play the guitar together. august asks him what he would do if he was going to perform at a concert but he couldn’t go, and he says “i wouldn’t miss it for the world.” he says he’ll be there, and august is inspired by what the guy says, and just before the concert he escapes from the man and rushes to his concert.
so he is the conductor, and the orchestra plays his rhapsody. and the mother, lyla, was walking away from the concert because her performance was over, but upon hearing the music, she felt something and turned back, “hearing” her son. the father is listening to the radio in the car and hears this rhapsody, and sees the concert banner (which has august’s and lyla’s name) and realizes the guy he met was actually his son.
so the both of them rush to the stage and the couple meet again, after eleven years, and reunite with their son, a musical genius. august sees the couple and realizes they’re his parents, and he knew that they’ve found him, through his music.


oh, and binkai and sumay: the sentence i copied was “Music always amazes in the way it communicates, without words, without pictures.” i initially felt it was a great sentence, but later i realized that words and pictures are just other forms of communication, and music can’t compare to words and pictures in this way because it’s a whole other language, another form of communication, by itself.

music’s the universal language, one everyone can understand. (:

Mar 10, 2008


omg, piano prac was the screwed-est EVER.
for the first piece i just sounded like i was banging the keys anyhow because i rushed through it and made 1346385 mistakes on the way, plus i had to restart. and to think that i had the most confidence in the 2nd piece, i actually nearly had to restart it. ohwell. the third piece is the only piece i didn’t play with any wrong notes, but there were no dynamics at all D: and i played EVERY SINGLE SCALE wrongly. HOW CAN ANYONE FAIL GRADE FOUR!!! see lah, laogong, your fault! distracted me when i was practicing earlier in the day HUH! X(
went to watch 10 000 BC. ohman it’s the best, it sort of reminds me of the Whale Rider, those long long ago stories with legends and stuff, and how there’s destined to be one leader to save everyone. really cool okay. :D and the scenes where the people killed other people/animals were quite cool :D especially when the spear was stuck with its end to the ground and the mammoth (or whatever it was) sort of like crashed its neck down on it and the spear got stuck to its neck and it took a few steps and couldn’t take it anymore so it just BOOM-ed down to the floor and the spear went right through its neck. haha, anyway it’s really cool :D

then met laogong’s mother and went to Goldheart :D
-before piercing.
i was quite panicky at first and i must admit, the girl who pierced my ears was really tolerant to put up with my constant shouts of “i think i’ll scream” and “can you please spray more alcohol”, haha. laogong’s “eh the gun looks so cute! looks like a stapler MUAHAHA” totally didn’t help. -.-
instrument of torture.
but in the end it wasn’t that painful, probably because the lady sprayed SO MUCH alcohol for me and my earlobe’s super thin :D

then laogong’s turn. i wanted to take pics so i only had one hand for her to grip, :P she kept her eyes open but didn’t dare move a muscle so her expression was cute :D and her reaction was damn slow.

lady: *pierces, sprays alcohol, goes back to the counter*

laogong: -.- o.o O.O OWWW!

XD i think laogong was quite poor thing because her earlobes were super super thick. XP

everybody, PLEASE DO NOT BANG INTO ME or there’s a high chance of hitting my ear and getting a slap from me. :P

the post that should've been here long ago

ok this ob post is erm. five days late. sorry janice :P
the results for the audition still isn’t out yet ): but heard that for the JJFC dancing-with-jj-during-the-spop-finals-23march thing, we’re going to be dancing with POMPOMS?!?!?!!?
omg please don’t let them be so mean. D:anw, we went to the ob office after class, and wewe was concentrating so hard at his computer screen, clicking and clicking away, and we were like, “wah wewe, so hardworking eh.” and he went “shh! i’m busy lah!” so we went to see what he was “so busy” doing and

HAHAHAHA. he was screaming at the guy that looks like lin you jia to hurry up and faster choose a tile, and sasha was tsktsk-ing away. and there were food deliveries and stuff, despite the NO FOOD AND DRINKS sign everywhere.
HAHAHA, ob damn slack. i want to work in ob! :D

(laogong squeezed in at the last min XD)

btw, i’m totally screwed, yesterday when i went to the studio to practice it took me TEN MINUTES to get G# minor and C# minor right, like WTH, how can i fail grade four!??!!?!
haha, i’m a record-setter. ;D first person to fail grade four! wish me good luck :D
going to watch 10000BC with laogong after piano, then going to pierce our ears together! laogong’s mum wants to come along, to make sure they don’t pierce, like, one up one down, HAHAHA.