Apr 30, 2007

it’s super nice
and I fell in love with it at first sight
and the biggest size they had was ONE SIZE TOO SMALL!
so I settled for a not-as-nice one lor :(
new guy at badminton! (sumay take note)
his name is zhen yu hahaha
and he’s 8 and got china face and damn cute
when he hit the shuttle he go “HA!!!”
and coach Justin scream at him like crazy hahaha
kept scolding him
later he get sore throat ahh

Apr 26, 2007

WE GOT GOLD WITH HONOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WE GOT GOLD WITH HONOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we thought the results were going to be released at 9am, so us c1 dancers waited outside the 4c2 classroom during recess. but they were only announced at 10-sth.
chinese class. ms zhang was pissed at amelia for checking her phone for smses, when it came.
petrina and amelia were grininng mad.
ling asked "gold?"
pet nodded. "HONOURS."
and i started crying.
and a few people like jessie qiqi and ling crowded around me, telling me not to cry, but i just couldn't stop.
and suddenly the image of jj sitting on stage and crying during the sg world tour came to my mind. i understand what he felt then.
ms zhang scolded us for making so much noise about nothing.
she just dosent understand the spirit of crescent dance.
those long months of sheer hard work.
after syf, i felt joy, anger, sadness, worry, pride, satisfaction, relief, all rolled into one. the feeling was just immensely overwhelming. i never thought it was possible to feel all that at once.
after chinese us c1 dancers met the other sec2dancers and cried together. then us c1 dancers ran to the 4c2 classroom and hugged isabella and lily and joycetan. then some other dancers came too.
i was afraid we'd let down our seniors and especially laoshi. laoshi is the best dance instructor anyone could have. he understands our feelings, knows when to be strict, never pressurises us, and only gets angry when we don't give our best for something. i remember what he said to us sec1s during our first dance practice.
he also told us that in crescent dance, you didn't have to dance well to be a dancer. whether you were a national dancer or had no dance background, we're all equal in crescent dance.
how often do you get such a caring and nice teacher?
and our seniors, the amount of effort they put into syf is unimaginable. there were a lot of problems, but they put it aside because of syf. this is their last dance. although they might not miss us, we definitely will miss them. i'm so NOT looking forward to the day they step down!!
and i haven't cried so hard in a damn long time.
this is what crescent dance is about. the sweat, the tears, the laughter, the pain, the joy.
syf has somehow bonded all of us together even stronger than before. we've been through thick and thin together, and we managed to survive it all.
we fought the battle. and we won.
crescent dance. i'm so proud to be a part of it, and i will always be.
if we all can feel so strongly about one performance, imagine how ppl like jj and jolin would feel! they perform like so often lah XD
qiqi is veryveryberymeryheryteryleryferyderyserywery proud of cresent dancers! :DGOOOOO DANCE! (:i love karen lingling sherm nadine amelia and joan! good job!YAY FOR THEM!your efforts have finally paid off. x)
GOLD WITH HONOURS. :D- that was qiqi.

Apr 25, 2007

i wanted to post my feelings up only when we got the results, but now i don't care la.
anyway, pls read the post below as well ok! that's longer than this one but more important. :)
well syf passed by in a flash.
now i understand what zifang put up in her friendster profile,
something about when you dance, you shouldn't be hearing the screaming, the music, or even the beat.
you should only hear your heart telling you that you love dance.
something like that lah, but when i first read it i was like "dont hear the music then how to dance?"
but it' possible :)
and now i think although the results are important because we want to do laoshi/ sec4s/ dance cca/ our teachers and friends/ ourselves proud, to me they don't really matter anymore, because we gave it our best shot, and that's what matters right?
now that it's over, it feels like as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. but now i have nothing more to look forward to.
the tough dance practices- the sec4s screaming at us, the muscle aches, the blue-blacks and splinters due to boxes, how much we pinged, all just for this one competition.
it was really hard having to endure all this training, and i admit we all dreaded dance practices..
but now i'm really going to miss it all..
i'm especially going to miss the sec4s! SEC4S DONT GOOOO!!!!!
this was what we had all been waiting for. being on the stage with the lights shining down on us, everyone was going to watch us perform. they'd be amazed and enthralled by our dance, and we'd gain a new kind of admirable respect. :)
well, now that we've fought the battle, the rest is up to God..
crezdanceSYF2007 -the passion, the glory, the bonding.
if this is what Crescent Dance is about, then i would definitely want to be a big part of it.

there's an indescribable feeling when you perform on stage, that cannot be put into words..
those that aren't in the performing arts, you really don't know what you're missing!

Apr 24, 2007

i still can't believe it's all over already.
it's like it hasn't even started.
SYF 2007
all the tears, sweat, freaking hard work
all for this day.
the lights, the stage, the music of that freaking song.
i had already expected all this - we went to UCC just 3 days before, but why was it that it was so different this time?
and when we were waiting backstage it was just so scary.
the dance before us was quite cool and i was felt really scared watching them.
and then
"Serial number 71, Crescent Girls's School".
then there was no more time to be scared.
i remember being unable to control my smile and my tears during the first part, when the music started.
this was what we've been waiting for all this while. this was what we have been practicing for what seemed like a thousand years.
and this was our chance to show everyone what we were capable of, and all the effort we had put in.
we were going to do our cca, our school, ourselves, and this dance proud.
i actually can't remember dancing at all, apart from the 4 groups part and the last part.
for the 4 groups part, zifang and isabella spent YEARS trying to correct my movements, and the whole of my group had to do 20 crunches because of me!
SORRY AND THANK YOU GROUP 2 FOR HAVING TO DO PUNISHMENT BECAUSE OF ME and not complaining about it! i really felt damn bad!! :(
and when the dance ended, everyone was crying really hard..
and laoshi came to us after the dance saying "不错不错, 有一点小小的问题。。" and i was like omg it's probably a bigbig 问题, just that laoshi didn't want to dampen our moods.
and we got to watch chungcheng high's dance! their position on stage was very accurate, and the one-by-one thing was super cool. :)
oh. and they played that 舞出彩虹 song before and after the SYF, and alot of people (mostly the sec 4s) were crying..
amelia forgot to do the sunshine-girl thing.
and according to sam who went to cheer us on (together with pet and amanda k), 2 ppl fell off the boxes before everyone else sat on them, but it wasn't so bad because they were both in the 1st row.
and i think we're gonna DIE.
if we don't i'll regret for the rest of my secondary school life
and what's more this is the last dance for the sec 4s.
but i guess i shouldn't go and think too much now, since SYF is already over, and thinking about it won't help us get a gold.
so let's all be happy, because we finally performed, after so many months of hard work and preparation. and we all gave our best, right? :)
所有的星光 为我闪亮
我创造 属于我的辉煌
- "that 舞出彩虹 song"
the song lyrics are SO touching and SO suited for SYF!! :)

Apr 23, 2007

jjfc is allowing jjfc members to invite a max of TEN non-fc members to watch the LEGEND OF THE SEA PREMIER! rachel is going!!
so happy!! hahahahaha
does anyone else want to go? 30 bucks at vivo on 5june!!
joy: eh coach justin, my schoolmate made it into css leh!
coach justin: WAH! REALLY?!
joy: yah! top 20!
coach justin: cheyyy top 20..
joy: eh please lah! i bet you give them the form ah, then they immediately reject cos too ugly!!
oh and i just realised that yanhua and xiaoxi are both from RV's band!
hahaha! so xiaoxi know yanhua but i haventasked yanhua about xiaoxi yet.
where has all the time gone!?!?!
and we're still like COP standard and everyone expects us to get at leat a GOLD!
jiayou all dancers! let us ping for syf!
we must do our seniors and parents and friends and school and cca PROUD!!
SI YE YAO PING CHU LAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))
oh and ucc was a total disaster man. :(
hope we wont screw up like we did at ucc during syf :(
and i bet my mum was wondering why i started crying so bloddy hard after my dad told me off for being rude to my brother.
well, thank goodness she didnt ask :))))
my blanket is MOULDY!!
oh yucksssss
at least i have another one hahaha

Apr 22, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
coach justin!!
HAHAH! so now all of you know what he looks like :D
and later we went to jack's place to eat!
chuenwee's ice cream:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Apr 20, 2007

while walking to school today i was daydreaming
that i went back to church with SARAH <333,>
and then:
"aaahh!!" *sarah and i scream and laugh*
"hi! im karen. i'm form the fanclub leh! oh you know who JT is right?"
"jasmine? yeah.. why?"
"i'm her friend! i chatted with you on msn once. you were using her accout. sometime the both of you were in taiwan for some OB thing, and you used gel to play with her hair.."
"oh! you're the one that wrote the newspaper article thing. right?"
and i think the people walking near me must have thought i was crazy, because i was grinning and laughing and everythinging to myself. cos somehow when i daydream, esp about a dialouge, i start acting out all the facial expressions.
so yes. one time my eyes were damn big and so was mouth, another time i was grinning madly, then later i was laughing.
so i reluctantly stopped daydreaming lor.
XD but it seriously was fun!!
its super nice!
although that person who sang it looks damn old n ugly.

Apr 19, 2007

haha im so stupid go and take my own test :P
took pictures with the new CANON DIGITAL IXUS yesterday XD
was the first to use it! honoured! and i think i took up practically all the space in the SD card lah.
some of the pics:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
my star keychain against my tablet cover! NICE RIGHT! XD
JJ's drawing! DAMN NICE RIGHT?! he said it looks a little like chen guan xi (edison chen).

JJ and his drawing :D
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
evan yo! the super cute!


Apr 18, 2007

xD surprise! i broke through ur password. say im clever. xD u noe who i am. dunn tell pple. shhh xD. actually i din break through. xD u now waddaya mean.
I LEFT 10 MARKS BLANK! OUT OF 20!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the bloddy 1st qn on page 2
i actually solved it halfway liao, then i thought it was wrong cos all the numbers were so big so i
ARGH! and by doing that i lost all my chances of getting even 1 mark from there
and i wasted time.
what are enzymes!?!?!
ms seow's super nice!
gave us extra recess cos our maths test ate into our recess!
seriously la i mean whatever she does you guys find fault with her
she talk to me, ling says she sucking up
she be strong, you say she act
if she cry, you guys say she self pity
if she dont go out with us during recess or whatever and she one person damn lonely, you guys say she act pitiful.
that time during recess she was with gladys n sandra, then they say she also acting pitiful
its like its wrong for her even to be alive
then wat u want her to do la

Apr 17, 2007

omg dont make me feel so guilty!!
cos i made you guys feel so bad!
ive decided. :)
i guess i'll still stick to the hidamarians clique (eh i came up with that name, if im not in i'll feel so insulted XD)
BUT i'll mainly hang out with shermin during dance.
because i've always been hanging out with her during dance lah.
so there :)
and omg there goes my hyper mood, just like a sudden shower that disappears all of a sudden.
but anyway,
i hope to end this here and not have any more unhappy feelings or whatever, if it's ok with you guys :)
well anyway, i hope to not feel so emo anymore lah.
except i still have that 2nd problem.
but since that cannot be solved, i shall try my very best to not let that cause me to be sad or whatever.
i really appreciate everyone's understanding and concern. :)
especially silvana

well anyway. lingling, hope you will be able to bear with my desicion of hanging out more with shermin during dance..
but after dance we go home together if it's ok with you, k? :)
6yee gave birth to my 23rd cousin today!
nicholas. haha so now i have 2 cousins called nicholas.
one from 5yee and one from 6yee! XD
-ohya! there was once someone had this shirt that said I Love NY
then nicholas (the older one lah duh the younger one just born only leh) said
"oh, NY stands for NICHOLAS YEO!!"
HAHAHA!! =.=
my dad bought a NEW CAMERA
OMG! looks so COOL!!!! wahahaha
i am SO going to be the 1st person to take a picture with that cam man!!
and he also bought another videocam. haha
but the ixus one is so super nice!! WAAAAH
and quite small compared to the other canon one
i hope it can take long videos :D
i actually wanted to go to Her tomorrow to try and see if she could solve my problem, but now that it's half solved i guess i dont have to anymore :)
less stressed! now lets hope all the pimples on my face will go away :)
k, one out of two friendhip probs solved.
but the 2nd one will never be solved.
will just have to wait for sec 3, when we part. :)
Your Depression Level: 92%
You seem to be severely depressed.You should seek immediate attention from your physician.Depression can be cured - you just need to take the first step.
haha. well there. told you i was.
You Are 66% Non Conformist
You are a pretty serious non conformist. You live a life hardly anyone understands.And while some may call you a freak, you're happy with who you are.
there jiayi! :D
sorry yimei i didnt mean that.. i mean i didn't mean EXACTLY that.PEOPLE, PLEASE DONT TAKE ANYTHING IN THIS BLOG TOO SERIOUSLY. i mean, this is a place for me to vent all my anger and pour out all my feelings. i may say a lot of things here out in a fit of anger or emoness but i dont really mean it that much lah. im really sorry vana and ling and yimei and nadine and jiayi!
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
that image of her saying that kept replaying in my mind.eyes red from crying, that glare of hatred, that tone. her voice kept ringing in my head.
and the whole night i couldnt sleep. i cried and cried till my whole pillow was damp.
and now im so tired.
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
still cant believe she said it. she was so calm when i talked to her. in fact, i was the pissed one.but she still said it.i mean, it wasnt directed at me, but i still feel that arrow pierced into my heart, like as if it was.it might as well just have been directed at me, anyway.
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
crescent sucks.well in fact all girls schools probably do lah.this was exactly the reason i really didn't want to come to a girls school. i wanted to go to commonwealth badly, but i came to crescent because my parents really wanted me to. and my parents can do anything they want to.
girls are just too full of hatred and sensitivity. we should learn from guys, who have that "don't care" attitude and rarely have these kind of fights that really arent to anyone's advantage.which i really used to have, until i became a crescentian. i only had one fight in primary school, and that only lasted like 2 weeks, and it was over such a stupid thing, and it got resolved pretty easily.and in sec sch? oh, the number of fights i experience are more than the number of friends i have.but really. does the number of friends you have really count?
i've always wanted to be the centre of attention, i liked it when people felt they could count on me. but now..i mean, people, its not that i like shermin more than you guys, but sometimes she understands me more.
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
and devil, just because you're not angry at me (which i'm really grateful for) it dosent mean noone else is.
and it's not like im going to ask for you guys to forgive me or whatever. because even if someone says they forgive you it dosent mean they really do.

Apr 16, 2007

Your Mind is 82% Cluttered
Your mind is incredibly cluttered. You have so much going on in there, it's hard to think straight.Consider talking to a therapist. It's a good idea to sort through your thoughts, if only to see which ones are worth hanging on to.
whoopsie! therapist? wahahaha worth a try i guess
SIAO AH. like i have so much money right
You Are 19 Years Old
Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.
crazy nadine spent 3 hours explaining to her friends newton's 3 laws of motion and they weren't listening and kept going to the toilet. hmm i wonder why
and then she spent 1/2 an hour explaining the theory of relativity.
HAHAHA and she says learning it was damn fun
wah i bet my parents wish i had her brain man
omg. i was feeling so angry then as soon as i listened to the first 2 secs of Xiao Shuo, i started grinning like siao. and now im not so mad le :)it's prob cause the song is so.. motivating.and jj's voice is so soothing and calming in the song.and if jj can overcome all the difficulties of being a singer, i should be strong enough to cheer him on! Ren ta ku ren ta xiao ren ta guo zai qi zhongzhao hui wo zi you :)
xi shua shua cheered me up alot too!!! XD
so what do you want now?
shermin was one of my best friends, but im not saying the hidamarians aren't either.
i thought shermin would be more welcome with us but obviously it didnt work out.
nadine and vana and the rest were worried that she would break our clique up again like what happened last time, so i can understand that lah, cos i used to feel that too (not with shermin, with _____. but ___ still rocks!! love you lots __! :D)
so shermin understood and left. and then now you guys are not happy with it either.
like, hello?!
shermin is one of my closest friends ok. she understands how i really feel, and i have no problems telling her my deepest feelings, which i dont share with everybody by the way.
and then now ive hurt her so much by being so close to her and making her part with the clique.
im really sorry shermin!
but now im really at a loss of what to do.
if shermin has been causing the whole clique to be miserable then i guess she's sort of in the wrong.
but shermin and i are really close.
should i betray one of my closest friends, or my whole clique, who has people im close to as well, but sometimes cant replace her
im so selfish.
but i still dunno what to do
either way i'll hurt someone.
im such a freak.
:D you guys rock man!
did us proud!
and CREZDANCE too! :D
to dl their video:
but actually undeterred and untitled artist were really really really good too..
i think the judges looked more at choreography and song choice maybe.
cos undeterred and untitled both did alot of medleys with alot of songs and most were the same songs. supposed to be the "most popular" now but the prob is there aren't alot of them right now so that's probably why they used all the same songs lah.
wheras sc squared only used toxic with abit of avril's girlfriend before and after, which is really refreshing and changes the mood alot cos toxic is more sexy wheras girlfriend is more fun :)
like what lao shi does all the time la! all his dances must change mood one. lols
but anyway.
UNTITLED ARTIST WON LAST YEAR so they probably wanted to give it to sc squared instead :)
you did twoceeone proud ah!!! :D nice voice man!
but I cant upload the video cos its too ruined .. my hand was too shaky and the sound abit weird.. :( sorry!
and omgomg GAYLE was there!
and nurul and paul but i think paul was a cover for someone else cos mrs lee announced that they were going to be 3 female idols and ms seow said she only got girls because the guys were too busy. and paul didn't sing, only did like a 5 sec catwalk. so yah.

Apr 13, 2007

by jj & ado!
link to dl:
can go buy ado's album and listen!! XD
so coincidental!
cos i knew someone from my kindergarten called shuzhen so i just asked her lor.
so in like 3 days ive found 2 of my kindergarten frens!! shuzhen and tikiat.
haha i guess i never knew anyone from my pri sch that was from there cos that nus place is damn far from jwps (for a kindergarten la).
but now i found 2 liao!!
OMG! hahaha!
meanwhile anyone here from nus childcare as well pls tell me! XD

Apr 12, 2007

How You Life Your Life
You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.You're open to new people and friends, which makes you a pretty popular person.You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.
these blogthings people know me all too well. XD

tiffany saw zhiyang aledjrando brian sugi and derrick in like 2 days lah
5 ming xings in 2 days hahaha
i feel so lousy today
sniff cough groan
i have
- runny nose
- sore throat and a
- splitting headache
ohman i really shouldve gotten that bloddy mc. so stupid of me!!! :(
dont think i'll be able to dance later either
i tried just now and i wasnt even doing the moves properly the my head started screaming in pain
12 more days to syf!!!
*grinds teeth*
this is so like the wrong time to fall sick man!!
ohwell, on the bright side, in 12 days time i can cut my hair! :D

Apr 11, 2007

REMINDER TO SELF: GO TO http://www.bravejournal.com/results.php?query=eating+chocolate&search=likes
and http://www.footstepsof207.blogspot.com/

i actually wanted to post up this 2 quizzes i did but there's a prob with the links so i just gave up aftr trying and trying. so i just announce the results lah.
wat my profession should be: JOUNALISM!!! :D:D:D and dancing and journalism both 92% leh! haha they know me too well yeahs ;D
how normal are you: i'm 38% normal. XD
just sent an email to er my kindergarten principal. was surprised to find that she's still the principal! ;D
anyone from NUS childcare centre???

Apr 8, 2007

MY BLOG HAS HIT 1000 HITS!!!!!!!!!!
(well actually now it's 1013!!! ;D)
since, er, somewhere in feb forgot what date :P
we were talking about wild wild wet and coach justin was like "the only thing i dare to do there is the lazy pool"
we ate at kfc!!!
i love kfc
growing fat le lahhh
my mum bought me a HAIR STRAIGHTENER!!
and it wasnt even like i was begging for it or anything lol!
THANKS MUM!!!!!!!!
and it cost like 99 bucks LOL

Apr 6, 2007

met up with RACHEL AND TERESSA today!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
super happy!
we met at pm mac at 12, then went to JURONG EAST ENTERTAINTMENT CENTRE :)
and ate at kfc
then took neoprints at the beloved super nice neoprint shop, and there was this new machine but it was taken up so we didn't take there :(
altogether tok 2 machines, super fun! the 2nd machine de pics are much much nicer :D
and at the 1st machine we didn't know that it actually took 2 together so it was like
*we start laughing*
*another flash*
*OH! AAAAH!!!*
haha! and then we didn't know that there were 2 cameras, one at the top, so when we knew that the thing took 2 together we posed for the 2nd one, but the 2nd one only ended up taking our feet!
HAHAHAHAHA!!! damn funny lah
ohh.. but we didn't write "jj rocks" or anything.. :( ohwell
and then we went to KBOX!!! for the first time lehhh!! :D:D
and we heard people from the next room screaming 'WO CHAO XI HUAN NIIIIII" haha!!
and we sang stuff like:
- re dai yu lin
- kiss goodbye
- ju li
- sarang heyo
- bu de bu ai (just for fun, cos xianzi's voice is SOOOO HIGH it's prob fake XD)
- liang shan bo & ju li ye (after we heard others sing it)
- mei ren yu
- zhuan shu tian shi
- du chang qing ge
- zen me ban
- chao xi huan ni (XDXD!!)
- zhi dui ni you gn jue
- ai dao
... and a LOT more. XD was super fun! although teressa didn't sing that much and we were all like 100% off-key. haha!
and we could order 6 drinks but we only drank 3 cos that person was SO SLOW and we had to go already.
and i bet they put a drug in their drinks, i only drank one cup and became EXTREMELY NIAO JI.
and we didn't know that when you pay for the K Happy you're paying for 5 hours (2 to 7) but we all had to go at 5 so we only did 3 hours :( what a waste of money! 3 hours out of 5, and only 3 drinks out of 6.
for a bloddy $55.40 altogether. omg lah
zhihao, how can u go so many times?! a lot of money hor. never knew you were a rich person!
and i realised that we could change the pitch of the song only at like 4.30. and all the guy's pitches were so damn low so we couldn't reach that low lor. wah lau!!
and it took us like 15 mins to figure out how to operate the song machine thing. and i spent er 50cts calling zhihao to ask for help. LOL.
and the toilet there is like damn dirty haha oh and they had jinsha's poster on the toilet door! took a pic of it. will upload!! :D
and i realised thta my mike was actually off at er around 3.00?
and a lot of other things i could complain about lah.
but it was still worth it!!! KBOX ROCKS!!!
and there was a MINIMELTS vending machine near kfc! OMG THEY'RE SO NICE LAHHH
had a super super super super great time with rachel and teressa!!!!!!!!!!
and during the 6 hours spent with you guys, i totally forgot about all the stress and problems at school!! didn't think it was possible. so what does that mean?
i wonder how my mum will react when i told her i went to kbox. XDXD
i really need to vent all my anger somewhere.
my eyes are too tired to cry anymore, and i dont have a place to really scream..
im just damn confused, dont even know whats going on in my own mind
and because im so confused with my own emotions, i start venting my frustration on everyone else
i start feeling damn emo and distressed, and start screaming and shouting at my own friends at the slightest thing
(really really really sorry jiayi!!!!)
but it's not just jiayi's incident today.. lingling's sarawak thing,
it was really nothing, i mean im usually not that sensitive as to scold her on my blog and cry about something that i dont have anything to do with, but..
sorry too lingling!
and im really sorry in advance people, i dont expect you guys to forgive me if this happens again but i still apologise in advance anyway.. :)
but i still dont know why im feeling like this.
that sudden-hatred-for-no-apparent-reason that i faced when i was with p5 with derrick (really sry derrick! you're a very nice guy la :D)
is back again, and im so scared of that feeling because it's like a virus, it suddenly just jumps out and controls me, making me feel hatred even towards my close friends (like derrick..)
and the worst thing is i cant stop it, i cant control those negative feelings, and all i can do is witness it slowly take over me and pull my friendships apart
and everyone will think im a beast, but only i know im innocent..
or am i?
derrick was a really nice friend.. he always gave in to me, he was the one that got me into gunbound, we would pass notes even though we were sitting beside each other..
he was really funny and witty, and when mrs foo asked derrick to change his place, i actually wrote a letter asking her to keep the seating arrangements and not change derrick's seat..
but one day i just started hating him to the core, for no apparent reason at all
i changed my seat. i could not even think of looking at him in the eye, i just felt he was damn disgusting
and one day, he wrote me a note, telling me about runescape and whether i would want him to teach me how to play it
i refused, obviously, but after that i felt damn guilty. what had he done to deserve such hatred?
i think everyone who reads this will think im really a bitch. yah, I think so too..
and now this feeling's back again, and this story is going to repeat itself, and all i can do is to feel is fear and more fear
i really dont want it to happen
im feeling super super stressed.. at a loss of what to do..
i hope this wont last long

do you think the sch counselor will know whats wrong with me?

Apr 4, 2007

XI SHUA SHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this super duper cute song! (in an ahbeng way)
MUST GO DOWNLOAD! the song rocks lah haha
at first when joey used to sing it, i thought it was sung by a group of actcute girls.
but it's actually by a group of ahbengs!!
super cute song la. go dl!!!
joey joey,
sitting on a rocking chair,
chewing on his underwear,
cant afford another pair
ten years later
eaten by a polar bear
that's the end of JOEY!!
haha! 5b/6b-ers, still remember this song? HAHAHA

Apr 2, 2007

"i don't wanna go UCC! there's history tomorow leh!!!"
- nadine foo
what's wrong with her man
jiayi ah! bad influence lahh
yesterday we had to play match against mayflower AGAIN, then there was this SJI guy that i guess was with them also lah
but he was much older than the mayflower people hahaha then so he was just supposed to be the umpire, but later he wanted to play agianst us also
and he was damn pro
and later coach justin came to watch then sumay was like "wahlao they all play cheat one lor, that guy not supposed to play one lor"
and coach justin said "aiya nevermind one lahhh, anyway he play until so lan!! HAHAHAHAHAHA"
then we were like =.=lll laugh until so loud for what
then sumay said "and that girl in the black shirt, i know she play very well lah, but then she damn proud one"
and coach justin said "HAHAHAAA! u dont tell her that ahh, later she go home and cry ah! 'waaaaaa..' HAHAHAHAHHAAA!!!"
then he sat down on the bench with sumay and me, then he was looking at the neighbouring court, where this old badminton coach was playing matches with his students
then coach justin said "wahh not bad ah, this coach also know how to play one ahh"
then he started critisizing that guy's moves. LOL like he so pro
and later stupid rohan called justin "sir" and he said he was "feeling so honoured" HAHA
i think coach justin was high on drugs today or something
then later he said i was very "文静" HAHA cos i was feeling super emo and tired. i bet jiayi's puking now
then joy and sumay kept saying he was biased haha
oh the prev lesson joy said she had stomach cramps, then justin said "eh i today also have stomachache leh"
then we all started sniggering and laughing
then he said (defensively) "eh i said stomachache lor not stomach cramp lor, i know what stomach cramp is okayy.. it's the 那个那个.. 很铭感的” LOLS
yuck. the way he said it, makes him sound so.. INNOCENT. ahahahaha