Oct 9, 2006

what music means to me

music is what keeps me going all this while..
there's always a song i can relate to when i'm sad, sometimes i want to pour all my troubles out, and the whole world seems to ignore my frustrations.. music is not like that, it can sympathise with me and listen to me venting my anger and crying out loud, understanding all my troubles and relating to them too.. and i can trust it not to tell anyone else..
and at the same time, if i choose to listen to something more rock, it's as if the music is telling me "aww, dun worry, cheer up! your problems won't last forever, no point in worrying about them, must try to live life to your happiest every minute of the day, it's only then that you will lead a happy life and have no worries!" in fact, it is music that told me that i should look at the good points of something, and not dwell on its bad points.
when i'm happy, music can celebrate with me, i can share my happiness with it, and i can trust that it will not think that i'm crazy like jy always says, but it will encourage me to be even happier and be high like siao!
when i'm mad or angry at someone, i can just turn on my cd player/mp3, and immediatedly it can tell why i'm mad or angry, without me needing to waste energy and time explaining why i cannot stand someone's behaviour, resulting in me feeling even worse when i look back at the problems. music will not remind me of my frustration, but it will say "some people can be so stupid.. why can't they be nicer to everyone.. but oh well, you cant expect everyone to be perfect so no point wasting emotions and time over them. or how about, you can't change a person's personality but why not try to change their attitude or behaviour? this way you won't be suffering anymore, and the other party will be a better person!"
in short, music is something i can turn to when i'm down, something i can pour out all my problems and feelings to, something that sympathises with my feelings, something that i can share my happiness and excited feelings with, something that can guide me, something that has changed my behaviour and style of thinking..
music is my best friend.

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