Oct 9, 2006

but we had dance today. :( i mean not like i hate dance but im not exactly in love with it either. and why today?! i could have spent the time at dance doing something much more useful at a time like THIS, like for example, partying and celebrating the end of exams, taking neoprints or listening to my she album?
OH YEAH the she album ROCKS!!!! gosh. listening to tian hui now. so nice! they got like so many nice songs.. i used to think they're not nice... but now i noe that you cant judge a singer/group/band by just a few of their songs.. :D
and my YU LE BAI FEN BAI.. missed it.. despite the fact that i stuck TWO REMINDERS on the tv and ONE MORE on his TOOTHBRUSH, he still FORGOT to leave the scv on so i could tape it! cos my channel u dunno why no signal on my tv :(
so i got no yu le bai fen bai to watch...
and IM GONNA MISS 7 YEE'S WEDDING AND TRIP TO GENTING WITH COUSINS JUST COS OF DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaah. and now dunno if my parents are gonna watch my performance also. cos they'll prob be in msia enjoying themselves with my beloved cousins..
but i think i'll feel weird if they come. cos they've never ever came for any of my performances before.. those in pri sch when i was in choir.. hehe

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