Oct 11, 2006

im at my mum's office now supposed to help her with some wok and earn some money!! $.$ haha.
and in the bus on the way here sum1 was playing SHE's Chu Dian! and in the MRT someone was playing FIR's song (forgot title :P) and fish leong's Qing Qin!! these people got good taste man!! but not good enuf cos noone played jj's songs >.<
and just now my mum was telling her fren "i was doing a presentation then i said 'i started work 20 years ago' and everyone was staring at me and someone said 'i wasnt even born then!' " hahahahahaha.
and my mum's boss (i think) is the father of someone from NUS high. and hafizah (primary sch fren in nus high) knows him wahaha.

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