Oct 1, 2006

Well everybody is doing this thanking-friends thingy so I guess I should too :D
--In no particular order!!—

:: YIMEI. :: I still remember the first thing I said to you, "Can I sit here?" haha! And we've been sitting beside each other since then! Thank goodness I chose to sit beside you. Copy stuff off each other. Heh. And you really have a high tolerance level to be able to put up with my jj crap! XD Remember the happy times we spent together laughing our heads off at mr ___, the not-so-happy times when I was in a bad mood and started crapping to u alot, the times we wrote "JJ" and "Jay" on our tables, the times we screamed when we found news abt both jj and jay.. these times I'll never forget, and I hope you won't too! Ah.. yimei.. my closest friend.. this friendship of ours is hard to find, and one I'll treasure forever!!

::JIAYI:: aha! Doudou!!! (remember it was me who gave you that nicky. And jiajia oso XD) wah.. I bet you go home everyday with sore throat from screaming at me so much. I still rmb the first thing I said to you was "Jiayi!" then you were like "Oh you're also going 1c1?" then we went together and got lost in the F block XD and I bet you dunno this, but during the start of the year (1st 2 weeks), whenever you said hi to me I would be like "who the heck is that?!" then I'd be like "uhh.. hi.." not that I forgot you, I had so much trouble recognizing you!! *paiseh* And u seriously must be more crazy lah. Anyway even if it's in a crowded place I dun think others will really care about you anyway :D

::NADINE:: Yay! My 2nd friend in crescent. But my 1st friend siying, we dun tok to each other anymore :( oh yes I rmb the fishes!! So funny XD and poor me samat wait for us until dowan to wait le! Hehe! And the 1st jj fan I knew in crescent too.. I rmb I couldn't believe my ears when you said "JJ lin".. hehe.. im so sry I made u feel left out last time.. hope that our friendship will be even closer in the months/years to come!and INTRO ME to your guyfrends leh!!!

::SILVANA:: vana the smart, vana the chio, vana the com genius, and vana the one who helped us get highest for pbl! Gosh that was like such a big achievement man. Then everyone was so jealous *wicked grin* LOVE YOU VANA!!! Nxt yr must include u in pbl grp again man. Then get high high marks!! Want to go your hse one day.. but v scared of your ahma.. heh.. good luck with softball!! And with THAT guy too!! Hope you dun grow white hair soon ok! Heh. Cos it'll look weird on your tanned face :P
::LING:: linglinglinglingling!! My fellow dancer!! We always sit beside each other so we wont look too bad while doing the split XD without you in dance I wud be like so miserable.. your mood can really brighten my day! The kindest person I've ever met.. alwaes help us buy ice-sth heh.. rmb the time we did that mr bean dance? Then we were laughing like mad then everyone was staring at us XD so malu but really didn’t care at dat tym XD fellow crazy gal! hope our friendship will last!!

::AMELIA:: ok I duno if you still want to be a part of this clique or not but jus to play safe and not seem so mean I shall type abt you here. I dun hate you lah. Its just dat sumtymes I cant stand you la. But you can be quite nice too :D and I WANNA GO GCMMA AND SEE MY JJ but I cannot. :( must try to change your attitude abit ok? Then hope we can be frens again.. u n ling too.. then we can be a very close clique :D

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