Jul 28, 2006

omg the piano exam sucked mann. when i went in i was late, even tho i left sch at 3.45. and i forgot that i lost mi ezlink card so i almost couldnt register!!! i didnt even bring the pri sch one lah. but the lady so nice lah, just let mi in anywae. :) ok. then mi scales were okok lah, but i made mistakes in everyone of the 3 pieces i played man!!! wah lau!! and the sight reading was a nightmare lah. the key was in A major so there was like F#C# and G# but i onli played the F#! and the notes in the bass clef i read them as notes in the treble clef, so like B in the bass clef i read it as G.. :O horror mann! then he gave me another chance but i blew it anyway. i think i did well in my aural tests, though. OMG I CANT FAIL GRADE 2!!!! if i failed grade 6 or sth oso not so bad but grade 2??!?!! it would b so maluing lah!!!!!
wheeee later im gonna meet up with the jjfc pple! woohoo.

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