Jul 26, 2006

[strike]oh mi bloddy god.[/strike] << :O sorry, sarah!! karen ho wen ee officially died of embarrasement today. ok, for the blur peeps who dont know, during the june hols there was this What Makes Us Proud Of Sg thingy. so i wrote in abt jj lah. (duh hehe) then they want to use mi article as one of the many articles lah. (it will be published in the straits times on 9 aug, btw.) so they came to mi hse todae to take pics of me n mi jj posters. OH MI GOSH I FEEL LIKE KILLING MYSELF. I LOOKED DAMN SHITTY LAH. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! why?! of all times this is one of the worst times to look like a freak. and the maluest thing is, when that person was taking the pics, my maid just stood outside the door and watched. LIKE, HELLO?! ITS RIDE TO STARE!! and then mi mum came in and started laughing. then my maid started laughing. U NOE HOW THAT FEELS?!?! WAH LAU! BASIC MANNERS! DONT STARE! DONT LAUGH AT OTHERS!!!! *fed up* ok pple, dont buy the newspaper on 9 aug. ok? better not. i noe im not going to. a perfect chance ruined. i hope she will pick the one of me holding the jj albums n the fan yen ler gave me n the jjfc thingy. i really hope so. those of me n the posters look shitty but judging by the no. of times she retook those pics i really think shes going to choose one of those. noooo.. god cant do this to me! me on NEWSPAPER! LOOKING LIKE A FREAK!!!!! AAAH IM SOOO MAD!!! *sob sob* once again, pple. DO NOT buy the straits times on 9 aug. ok? or if u buy it dont look at mi article. actually now im re-reading the article and realised its really crap. i should have put more effort into it. i did that short passage in like 20 secs. but u cant blame me! WHO KNEW IT WOULD BE PUBLISHED?!?! if i had known earlier i wouldnt have written such crap mann. *SCREAM!*

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