Jul 28, 2006

omg the piano exam sucked mann. when i went in i was late, even tho i left sch at 3.45. and i forgot that i lost mi ezlink card so i almost couldnt register!!! i didnt even bring the pri sch one lah. but the lady so nice lah, just let mi in anywae. :) ok. then mi scales were okok lah, but i made mistakes in everyone of the 3 pieces i played man!!! wah lau!! and the sight reading was a nightmare lah. the key was in A major so there was like F#C# and G# but i onli played the F#! and the notes in the bass clef i read them as notes in the treble clef, so like B in the bass clef i read it as G.. :O horror mann! then he gave me another chance but i blew it anyway. i think i did well in my aural tests, though. OMG I CANT FAIL GRADE 2!!!! if i failed grade 6 or sth oso not so bad but grade 2??!?!! it would b so maluing lah!!!!!
wheeee later im gonna meet up with the jjfc pple! woohoo.

Jul 26, 2006

[strike]oh mi bloddy god.[/strike] << :O sorry, sarah!! karen ho wen ee officially died of embarrasement today. ok, for the blur peeps who dont know, during the june hols there was this What Makes Us Proud Of Sg thingy. so i wrote in abt jj lah. (duh hehe) then they want to use mi article as one of the many articles lah. (it will be published in the straits times on 9 aug, btw.) so they came to mi hse todae to take pics of me n mi jj posters. OH MI GOSH I FEEL LIKE KILLING MYSELF. I LOOKED DAMN SHITTY LAH. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! why?! of all times this is one of the worst times to look like a freak. and the maluest thing is, when that person was taking the pics, my maid just stood outside the door and watched. LIKE, HELLO?! ITS RIDE TO STARE!! and then mi mum came in and started laughing. then my maid started laughing. U NOE HOW THAT FEELS?!?! WAH LAU! BASIC MANNERS! DONT STARE! DONT LAUGH AT OTHERS!!!! *fed up* ok pple, dont buy the newspaper on 9 aug. ok? better not. i noe im not going to. a perfect chance ruined. i hope she will pick the one of me holding the jj albums n the fan yen ler gave me n the jjfc thingy. i really hope so. those of me n the posters look shitty but judging by the no. of times she retook those pics i really think shes going to choose one of those. noooo.. god cant do this to me! me on NEWSPAPER! LOOKING LIKE A FREAK!!!!! AAAH IM SOOO MAD!!! *sob sob* once again, pple. DO NOT buy the straits times on 9 aug. ok? or if u buy it dont look at mi article. actually now im re-reading the article and realised its really crap. i should have put more effort into it. i did that short passage in like 20 secs. but u cant blame me! WHO KNEW IT WOULD BE PUBLISHED?!?! if i had known earlier i wouldnt have written such crap mann. *SCREAM!*

Jul 22, 2006

was just reading the lyrics of "endless road", the 1st song jj wrote the lyrics for.. i used to think the song sucked, but now i read the lyrics, its sooo touching! here's one verse:
a crystal forming in my eye
maybe this would be the last
a winding path down my face
till i begin to taste the bitterness inside

OMG DAMN NICE LAH. and theres a damn nice phrase:
why am i still holding back my tears
in this loneliness there's nothing to fear
waaah i found jj singing ndp 04 video de link!!! finally mann!http://v2.56.com/c_html-16-26-show_flvflvid=1317042.html. must go see!!! and once again peeps must go www.ukyoboy.blogspot.com!!! must support ur frens idol hor!!!
was battle of da bands rocked mann! screamed miself hoarse. but now ok le lah. cres came in last. haizzz. 1st was acs barker! woots! wah lau acsi damn big lah.. this is wat jj saw almost everyday for 4 years 9-12 yrs ago!!! n i got maia's auto. hahaha.
hey... theres sth wrong with the ndp link... i can onli view 50 secs of it. ppl go see see if u encounter the same prob! the whole vid is 5min sth.
sigh... donno y lately i bcome veri moody... mayb its lack of money. and i havent been listening to my mp3 too. i think i miss it, even though its so spoilt even a beggar would throw it aside. or maybe cos i havent been talking to jacey for so long. sighhhh.
havent blogged here in like sooo long lah!!! phew!
omg now i know a total of like 5 ppl who hav seen jj b4 lah. nades fren sat bside him in aeroplane from taiwan to sg (!!!!!!!) but never ask for autograph. tsk tsk. yen ler's dad saw him in aeroplane but din ask for autograph cos he was sleeping. this other girl in 1s1 donno wats her name, her fren saw him at arcade. woohoo. nade thinks she saw him at orchard. n jiazhen "accidentally-on-purpose" banged into jj at orchard last yr. and I, THE JJ FAN, HAVE YET TO SEE HIM!!! GAAAH!

Jul 14, 2006

wah kao... so long nv type in here le. EY PPLE MUST GO JJ'S BLOG OK! www.ukyoboy.com. ok i noe i told dat to u guys (whoever reads mi blog, n by da looks of it, noone but mi-_-) b4 la. aiya, donno y when i chat wif tony nowadays all his replies all one-words one. haha maybe he thinks i like him then he wan to avoid me wahahaha
ah, yimei's letter, read it for the 3rd time.. shes so nice lah she. she went like 'i guess you count yourself lucky to sit beside me, i count myself very lucky to sit beside you" and "i rock! so do you! we both rock! rest assured we will be best friends foreva!" so nice lah she. then cos todae got that dance rehearsal thing so i din go chin class then i called her then she say "aiyah i veri lonely then i got words donno how to write i donno who to ask." aiya, yimei's so nice... and shes the onli person int he whole of cgs who who finds my news abt jj interesting, and is able to put up with mi rambling abt him. sigh.. finally foung a true fren. THERE YOU GO, CHUNG JIA JIA. >.<

Jul 9, 2006

i found jj's old old blog! 3-4 yrs ago de. www.ukyoboy.blogspot.com go read damn cute!!!!! sth i extracted from there damn farni:

Monday, September 23, 2002 :::

ukyoboy is falling sick... lost 40% of his voice... nose got big pimple v painful... flu coming on... hmm what to do?
busy with a-do's 2nd album... many things to rush... but ukyoboy says nevermind... he will
do his best... to take care of himself, and to do well for God...!

very cold in the studio now :P do pray for ukyoboy friends! :) he will get well sooooon! yep yep... take care people , dont fall sick!

Jul 7, 2006

wah sia havent posted here in centuries... aiya JIAHUI!!! ONE WEEK LIAO LEH!! MY LETTER!!! no la. i noe u veri hardworking gua studying like mad for common test lah, haha. take ur time..
CHEN YI CONCERT!!! OMG AMELIA IM SO DAMN JEALOUS LAH/.... he went like so damn close to her until she could see his so gd complexion i rmb her going "oh mi god he got no pimples one leh!!" haha. i was sitting at 2nd row, left hand side, seat nearest middle. sigh. im uploading the vids into youtube now. you guys want mi to upload into megaupload or not? then like that you guys can just save the files. see im so nice right? ahem.
haha i still rmb first lesson with mr lee (maths tcher) he was like "i just dont noe wat it is with girls n toilets" and the whole class started laughing n amelia turned to me n went "it's a monthly thang" haha! n i rmb todae mr ho was saying if you get robbed must tell an adult cos adults more mature." n someone i tink it was azalea said "did u see miss nadia?" n i also rmb (my memory so GOOD! haha) azalea said "miss nadia we dare you to go to mr lee n say 'wo ai ni' it means 'hi how are you' ". XDXD so mean lah we. but i love miss nadia. shes so nice. can you imagine she teaching the sec 4s n they're like only 3 yrs younget han her?! haha