Jul 22, 2006

waaah i found jj singing ndp 04 video de link!!! finally mann!http://v2.56.com/c_html-16-26-show_flvflvid=1317042.html. must go see!!! and once again peeps must go www.ukyoboy.blogspot.com!!! must support ur frens idol hor!!!
was battle of da bands rocked mann! screamed miself hoarse. but now ok le lah. cres came in last. haizzz. 1st was acs barker! woots! wah lau acsi damn big lah.. this is wat jj saw almost everyday for 4 years 9-12 yrs ago!!! n i got maia's auto. hahaha.
hey... theres sth wrong with the ndp link... i can onli view 50 secs of it. ppl go see see if u encounter the same prob! the whole vid is 5min sth.

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