Nov 13, 2015

Yale-NUS Christian Fellowship

I was going to share a testimony tonight, for the first time in this cell group, but I didn't get the chance to. But I still feel it's important for me to put it down in words, because words sort of concretize an idea somehow, give it a form and a definition. So here goes.

My calling, the greatest thing in my life from 2012 (when I said yes to Yale-NUS, a year before college started) to 2017 (when I graduate), is the Christian Fellowship. This is the ministry that God has placed in my heart. It was why I accepted Yale-NUS's offer, and I spared no delay in getting it running. Yet I was a terrible leader in many ways. I did not have good leadership skills, my core team was not bonded and I didn't bother to bond them, and my spiritual life was a mess. My heart was all messed up; I was sinning through and through with my emotional dependence on people and more. I will not bother to list my sins. I know them well, and they are vile. Suffice to say I did not steward my leadership privilege well, and CF suffered as a result.

Yet with the new committee this semester, God is really restoring CF. He has given it a new character, a renewed dedication, a refined passion. The new comm's heart for God really shines through. Every worship session leaves me moved to tears by God's presence. I have come to need CF, to be a receiver rather than a giver, and I'm constantly in awe of the work God is doing in CF now.

Yesterday's CF was about the value of intercession. Joanna and I were supposed to say a closing prayer at the end of the session, and I felt led to share the vision that God had given me this summer: that this new committee is clearing the road, paving the way for God's coming, and He will come like a fire through the Class of '19. Through them He will bring a revival of hearts, He will do a new and wonderful thing.

"Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."

After Joanna and I prayed, Mel said she felt led to invite the CF comm to pray for everyone in the room. Mark prayed on behalf of the comm. As he prayed his passion was stirred, and his prayer was moving and powerful: "Your love is not for us to keep to ourselves." Then Sharon prayed to end our session once and for all, but even after she prayed Xueyin had a word from God: "Anticipate Me."

What a powerful atmosphere of expectation and passion, as confirmations of God's hand in the Christian Fellowship came one after another. Emmanuel, Emmanuel; what is greater than knowing that God is With Us.

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, keep vigilant in intercession, restless in prayer. Once you have a supernatural glimpse of what God has in store for this harvest field, a personal revelation of His plans, everything else just seems so unimportant in comparison. This is a Love that restores, that makes broken hearts whole, that saves individuals from the deep hole of despair, that gives one a solid hope that nothing is for naught, a hope that stretches into eternity.

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