Oct 10, 2015


you say you haven't been very much into music for a while now, which is uncharacteristic of you, and very weird.

i played your firefly song and the home one a couple of times today. there is a gentle spirit to these songs, and to you, and we often like to reappropriate meanings to suit ourselves even when it's absurd, don't we. today has been a silent day, which has been good. i think it is good for my soul. less prodding allows for healing.

i haven't written anything in a long time. my favorite piece is still the one i wrote before entering college, gentlemen. i reworked it last summer. i have had no inspiration in a very long time. i used to write multiple times a day but i lost the gold dust. but look, the dead thing twitches. tiny pulses. small hints of the crafting work starting up again. just the slightest sign, but perhaps it's on its way. perhaps i am getting the right emotional input now, and learning how to tease it out the right way again. and i am well aware that this means that the choice i might make tomorrow will result in me losing this gold dust once more. but it's okay. this, and that, is cause for a bit of hope.

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