Oct 8, 2015


you cannot help
but circle the event horizon at the speed of light, tugging on an invisible thread
from the center of the hole. you love the exhilaration of it but it
also makes you sick to the core. you wish it would stop but you just
keep spinning, and you draw closer and closer and just one more tug and you’re
falling, oh but it feels so beautiful to fall. you can’t imagine it was bad before.

he pulls me back to the shore,
choking and there is saltwater in my eyes. at the point of death i was hit by
an erotic ecstasy, the most intensely incredible rapture
that almost led me to open my mouth and gasp.
i stopped myself in time. i would have died.

we are all lonely, ever since the fall, and that loneliness can only be cured in the loving of jesus christ - and by loving, i mean taking enjoyment and rest and solace in him. sit by him like mary, sit in his warmth like you would on a sunny day. at the heart of christianity is deep joy, and a kind of happiness that makes you serious.  -- evannia

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