Mar 23, 2014

lost cross :(

I’m still extremely bummed about having lost my cross in January at the indoor skydiving place. Sigh. It was so stupid of me to leave it in a pocket in my bag on the floor. I should have kept it in a locker. I still feel really sad about it, and my neck feels empty. I miss being able to hold it. To remember that God is right here with me, and that I wear His identity. It was a present to me from Sarah years ago, my childhood friend and Sunday School mate. And now it’s lost. Arghhhhhghhhghghgghggh. And I tried looking for others but Perlini’s Silver (where my cross was from) isn’t around anymore, and a similar plain one at Tiffany & Co. is $150. Help :((( Suggestions anyone?


Anonymous said...

buy a new one then! I am sure God will not be cross at you for losing it accidentally

Hannah Karen Ho said...

HAHA. Yes but price (plus I'm choosy so it's really my fault)