Jul 7, 2011

The fun's when you lose yourself

and suddenly nothing matters anymore

I hear the crunching of leaves as my feet touch the ground. I'm not afraid - you're holding my hand, the surge of infatuation drowns everything else - but I pretend to be anyway, just so you'll keep me close. Blindfolded; keep me blindfolded forever - if it means you'll always be this careful with me, if you'll keep your grip on me this tight, if you'll keep asking me if I'm okay.

Nobody knows us here. Back in school the walls have eyes, the air is acid, every little move is watched and gossiped about. But nobody knows who we are here. Nobody will ever find out. I've always wanted to hold your hand; now I've got an excuse, here nobody will know. Nobody will see the uncontrollable smile I've got on my face - not even you, but you're smiling too.

I love birthdays. They're the perfect excuse. I said I'd pick you up from your place; I turned up at your doorstep with sixteen roses - like I've always wanted to do - and told you I had a surprise, but it was a drive and a walk away. Now let's go deeper in, deeper, where nobody will see us.

I love birthdays. They're the perfect excuse. You're my lover today. Maybe tomorrow we'll be friends all over again, like we were yesterday and the day before, but we're lovers today.

You undo my blindfold - to sand and waves, to stars, breathtaking beauty. A heavy dose of atmosphere. I know this place. I told you about it once - my grandmother used to bring me here for our weekly picnics. I know this place, but tonight it looks so pretty. I'm smiling. A lot. You too.

You haven't let go of my hand.

i know a place that we can go to
a place where they don't know you
they won't know who we are

let me take you there

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