Jun 25, 2011



O R I E N T A T I O N : D'ACLAND 2011

It's pretty awesome to look back at it all, at the fun everyone had and all the random people - even J1s from other JCs - who crashed our Orientation because it was so awesome. Because everyone knows it's awesome. We lived up to that, went ahead with a crazy theme inspired by Disneyland - with OG names like Cheshire, Frozone, Pumbaa, Zurg - and.... made it work.

Awesomeness from 2.10-2.36, Josh's Like A G6 legacy 2.37-around 5.20. Quality of the video's not very good; more stuff on Youtube!

Pretty awesome to know I contributed quite a bit to this awesome Orientation that all the JC1s will remember. Didn't do as much as I felt I should have as vice-head and the jobs of our Program I/Cs with all the crazy admin involved were so tough, and the Log I/Cs too, and we all put in so much, the Orientation adhoc and the OGLs, but it's pretty cool to know we each contributed something that made Orientation what it became. Including Shuzhen, Laura and Amelia who choreographed the dances.

The dances. Justin's alarm ringtone is Dynamite. It actually got us in such a good mood during June Camp when it jerked us awake from our nap. It's hard to find a ringtone that allows you to wake up, heart pumping and excited and happy. That's what dance does to you.

I wonder how many people actually read every page of the Orientation booklet, by the way. Probably a handful out of the batch of 800, but I like knowing I have the soft copy in my computer. And perhaps the magic I wrote of in the write-ups helped stir up someone's excitement and passion for d'ACland 2011 and the school, helped inspire a bit of love.


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