Jun 25, 2011

in desperate need of money

Please contact me if you want any of the stuff below, thanks!

Okay, don't judge me.

I'm gonna sell off a whole lot of stuff I happen to have. Most I bought with the intent of selling. The following Elf products are still in their packaging, sealed and all, $4 each:
(quantity: 2)
Darn, the days I still had my tablet and my handwriting font...

Collin Paris makeup box, new and unused, $25 (IT'S A STEAL):

Mini Bits hairband, $5:

Dang, there's this purple V-neck dress from Japan and black sequined sleeveless oversized-ish top that I got from other blogshops and are still in their plastic package thing, unworn, but I can't find suitable online pictures of them and I'm not about to take them out and spend half an hour taking good photos. Anyway, they're $20 and $12 respectively, much less than their original prices of about $30+ and $20 (I think), let me know if you want to take a look!

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