Jun 15, 2011

On our 35th last day of the 35th Council's reign,

we elected the 36th Exco.
(but we'll always be the 35ths)

Yup, now we have a mini-abi, baby smurf, princes wannabe, brownie, scratch, gangster, spider and chinaman III.

The 35th Exco had dinner at Burger Shack followed by dessert at Island Creamery, which held some sentimental significance for us because Burger Shack and Island Creamery were where we had our first dinner together after being elected (not counting the hawker centre dinner we had on our elections day itself) almost a year ago.

14 June 2011:

17 June 2010, the then-newly-formed 35th Exco (without Alex):

It's always beautiful to look back at your journey and how far you've come. A year ago back at Burger Shack and Island Creamery, I was closest to Geraldine and Wei Liang, a teeny bit awkward around the four SC1 Exco members, still very fearful of Kat and full of passion and excitement for the Council term that lay ahead of us. Not knowing what to expect and very unprepared with no prior Council experience, but very willing to learn, to make mistakes and grow. All I had was passion, really, and it was all I needed.

I look back on how much I've changed, how differently I see things now, and it's heartwarming really. Sometimes I notice a poster for a random event that has passed long ago and think to myself, "ah, they forgot to follow-up after their event. There are always three parts to an event, the last one being the follow-through. They forgot to look after the little things."

These little things, they get me smiling to myself when I realise how much I've learnt and grown. I don't remember anything from my Exco interview, other than how I kept repeating one of the only strengths I knew I had: that when I wanted something to get done, I would make sure it got done well, and be passionate and meticulous about it.
I started out with little more than passion and have gained a lot as a leader. I've gained a lot of very useful lessons and skills, taught with the help of invaluable experiences, coupled with all the love and care of my fellow Councillors, all the love anyone could ever ask for.

Now it's time to pass on the baton to someone else whom I hope will gain as much as I have. It hasn't been an easy journey but that's what made it so beautiful.

It's good to know that through June camp and all, I've managed to pass on my love and passion for Council. It's been the most amazing experience ever for me - and the other 35ths - and I can only pray for future batches of ACJC Councillors to experience and gain all that we have.

Now, we'll treasure our last few days in Council. It's all happening too soon, too soon. As Kat once said, your Council term is long enough for you to only fully learn how to be a good Councillor when it has ended. But that's the beauty of it. The entire journey is a learning experience, and I must say that the last leg of my Council term - June Camp 2011 - has been the highlight of it.

There's still Exco Retreat, of course, and that will be amazing.

Like we're approaching a drought, and we've got these last few drops of water: we'll treasure the last 34 days like that.

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