Jun 17, 2011


All that effort I went through just to be able to view more of my archives / posts under certain labels. I've always been very annoyed about the fact that when I click on a monthly archive link e.g. January 2010, they only show me the posts from the last ten days or so of January. Today I learnt it's because they only allow a maximum of 1MB's worth of posts on a page, but I really wanted that Older Posts button so that I could view them all.

And then when I tried to view all my Council posts today - and realised that I actually had 29 posts that were labelled 'Council' but could only view 15 on my blog - I got too fed up. I tried changing blogskins and exporting and importing my blog into Wordpress and even using the ugly classic old Blogger skins, all to no avail. And then I switched to the new template.

This means I have a bit less freedom to play around with my blogskin, but because I'm a pro (or rather, because I don't know how to better manage my time) I managed to take this so-not-me Blogger template that I had to switch to and tweak the HTML here and there such that it looks kind of like my old one! YAY!

Now, on to blogging what I switched my computer on for....six hours ago. The reason I completely changed my blog html. It's 3.05am. Dang, I could have actually slept before midnight today. Hope I don't die at tuition tomorrow.

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