Apr 12, 2010

Politics politics politics

To be honest, I never knew the other meaning of that word before this year.

"I'd rather not say who because she's in this school"
"What's she doing here"
"Don't say that, someone will get killed"
"I think she's afraid she'll have no friends"
"She's such a bitch, her attitude is disgusting"

...And then they're still hanging out together like as if she never said anything bad about her.
Makes me worry a lot about myself and what my own friends might be saying.

And then wait, I get criticised for being too naive and innocent, for not knowing what's going on and not noticing people, for thinking everyone's all pure and good and nice. But I don't see anything wrong with that. I prefer to keep an innocent, good impression of everybody, and my life is happier that way. I'm happy and the world's all fine and nice and everything's good. I don't want to be involved in a world of gossip and negative opinions and scrutiny. It'd make my life a much unhappier, more tainted one.

And when people criticise me for all that, that's what I say. That I prefer to keep a positive, understanding opinion of everyone and my life's much happier and more innocent that way. And then I get the "Uhh, what the heck?"s again. But I seriously mean it, so accept that my life's happier than yours.

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