Jan 19, 2014

not worth reading, unless you too have a phobia of machine voices

So I am afraid of big bold regular capital letters because they're all intimidating and imposing and hard. Well my first fear, really, is the Machine Voice. The fire alarm went off today and this female machine voice kept going on about staying calm and waiting for further instructions. I was doing my Lit readings when the fire alarm went off; I got out of the room and the door-partitions along the corridors that are always open were closed; I was a little disconcerted to find that no one else seemed to be around, until Jon came out of his room. Thank goodness I wasn't alone when this female machine voice started resounding through the hallways and going on and on for quite some time. Even with three other people around I was freaked out.

And even now as I walk down the corridors and prepare to go to bed I am still somewhat terrified - not of the chance of a fire, but of the bloody freaking machine voice. If the machine voice were to come on again through the PA system in my room now I would probably scream to drown it out and shrink to the other end of my room (because going to the door would mean I have to go near that voice, although shrinking to the corner isn't going to make me feel any better).

I hate machine voices. I hate calling for cabs; I always try to do it with other people around, and if I'm alone, my phone's definitely on speaker mode. And I hate taking the last train home because they keep announcing that it's the last train and the Female Machine Voice echoes creepily and loudly through the empty station. I especially hate it when Female Machine Voice announces "Attention please. The last train has departed. We are closing the station. Goodnight." Ughhh I have trouble even typing it out. I'm feeling so creeped out right now. I wish it wasn't so late at night; wish I weren't sitting alone in my room now.

Ughhhhhhhhhh machine voices freak me out!!!!!!!!! I don't know why it's scariest when it resounds throughout a place. Perhaps it's because it's not human, not mortal and imperfect, and it's everywhere. You can't put a face to it but it's omnipresent; you can't escape the sound. And it's fake; audio-synthetic. And all devoid of emotion, like anything could happen around/to you and that cold voice would still go on.

Maybe dehumanised things are just freaky to me.

UGH maybe i'll have to play music to sleep tonight

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