Dec 25, 2013

the unworthy is given all the gold

We are so unworthy, but we've been given the privilege to stamp Jesus’s name on our little prayers, as if He Himself said them. Our prayers said in His name - with His identity. When we say grace half-heartedly, thankyouforthefoodinjesusnameamen, it is as if He is saying it. When we pray and say "Your will be done" and stamp Jesus's name behind it, it is as if He is in the garden of Gethsemane, praying before His death. Who are we to use His name like that? I'd hate it if people said stupid things and then said it was said in my name. Look at all the power He is giving us, so undeserving. We have both the ability to abuse it in half-hearted prayers, and the power to activate all of Heaven.

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