Nov 25, 2013

i will follow you into the dark

there are people in this world who are beautiful. but we never really see our true value. and sometimes we do not see ourselves for everything we are. often we subject ourselves to unnecessary pain, and think that it means we are strong. sometimes we think we are not worth certain things; they are for other people, they can pass us by.

but maybe, maybe, sometimes we do get a glimpse of our true worth. we know how precious we are and how He is ours, all ours, and we shine with His sacred glory. and we will wait for something we deserve.

i am a firm believer in living life and making the best of things, but it has resulted in regrets. perhaps it is not the best way of thinking. but sometimes things are beautiful and they subject themselves to darkness when all they need to do is shine. but i am not one to judge, never one to judge. and as long as the decisions you made were for yourself and yourself only, as long as you know you will not regret, i support and love you with all my heart. (if they were not entirely for yourself, or if you are not sure about whether you will not regret, then please, please think about it again.) you have all the time in the world, and i really really should stop talking because i don't know if my words have already done more than they ever should have. but i just want to say that i love you either way, as long as you feel it was best for yourself and yourself alone.

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