Oct 27, 2013

wow wow wow

We pray, God give me a vision! And He loves that we want to work on His plan with Him, so He gives us a role. And we treat it like gold. We want nothing more than to do it well and bring Him glory.

How often have we been so consumed in our duties that we forget what we're doing it for? 

We walk this narrow path carefully, sometimes maybe a bit too focused on the duties. Sometimes we say FORGET IT IT'S TOO HARD. Sometimes we keep our eyes on every single pebble and crack, and on every step we take, to make sure we're still moving in the right direction. We forget to look up. We forget that this wasn't meant to be done only by us. We forget that there's a whole world that He wants us to look at while we're walking down this path. Look up and look at the beautiful grass and the endless sky. Remember that the only reason He put you on this path was because He wanted you to continue being with Him, relying on Him. 

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