Oct 31, 2013


Sometimes you chance upon a conversation with / the writings of someone you don't know very well, and you realise they have a whole depth to their character you'd never have realised. you start to see their hurt and fears, you see what gives them hope, you see the beauty that spills out of the intricacies. every intricacy of character is a gem. and then you realise they're much more beautiful than you thought. You fall in love with the person that they are, with every piece of their heart they are wiling to bare to you. they're no longer a passing face and the shallow, simple-minded person you thought they were.

You, as you read this, I hope you see a bit of the inside of me. I hope I take you on a journey to the depths: to my fears and weaknesses, to the vulnerable side i hate that is so huge. I hope I allow you to see that much more of me and perhaps I seem to you now more beautiful than if you were just to pass me by.

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