Oct 31, 2013

It's time to make changes in my life. In all areas.

Time to start doing my readings earlier, doing them all, planning my time better, putting more thought into my work.
Time to arrive for class early and alert.
Time to sleep earlier: 2am is fine, 1am is fantastic, 4am needs to go
Time to start pleasing my professors.

Time to start doing random nice things for people, because a little gesture goes a long way.
Time to stop fighting this selfish, self-pitying side and just getting out there and forming stronger bonds with people.
Time to stop feeling shit/afraid about things you cannot help, and love selflessly regardless. You really can't do anything about it so STOP FEELING LIKE SHIT and make yourself useful
Repeat: Talk to more people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time to put in more effort into my appearance, seriously Karen, a tee and shorts and slippers and specs every day isn't doing you much good

Now write all this on a big piece of paper and put it up so you make sure you work at it

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