Oct 17, 2013


once the lights are off and i get comfortable in my bed i look out at the rectangle of a midnight blue canvas and the world is so big
the pang in my heart suddenly rises again, spreading through my chest so strong,
my arms, they hug a black hole of nothingness; they ache from the tension of the absence of you
they are closed around thin empty air and they cry out for your warm human body (only yours,
only yours will take the ache and replace it with that gush of comfort
hot chocolate and marshmallows and a quilt on a cold day)

and i need you so 
so instinctively, naturally, a survival need
so strong i can't believe you don't telepathically feel it
these thoughts are bigger than me they are so big don't they reach you?
so strong it cannot be only me
these arms are tightly wrapped around anything i can find that might resemble a human body
but my nerve cells cannot replicate your electricity

(p.s. this will completely spoil the mood of the piece but shit i just realised it's 6 lines and 8 lines and it ends with a rhyming couplet (just pretend body and electricity fully rhyme okay) OMG I HAVE A FREAKING SONNET SO WHAT IF IT'S 6 THEN 8 THIS IS A SONNET)

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