Sep 6, 2013

this reminds me of airport walks

this is to the one who leaves tomorrow.

I remember how you love her and it gives me hope about love in the world in general. Every time you mention her name you say it like it's music. Even the casual remark comes with a stirring of your heart that's reflected in the almost-unnoticeable pause, in the split-second glazing over of your eyes. You're a good-looking guy with a trunk of experiences and so much to live for and you're more-than-confident in who you are and she's an average-seeming girl with a beautiful heart and you catch that heart right away. You used to show me her pictures even though I know her and you say "isn't she so beautiful?" and my honest response is that she's above average, but not the drop-dead crowd-stopper, but I love how you see the extraordinary heart in her above all, and that's what makes her so stunningly gorgeous to you. I love it. I love how you see her and it warms my heart to hope that someday, when someone loves me, perhaps he might see me that way, too.

The way you make a girl feel so special. I can only imagine it, how her heart blossoms as you nurture it; how you love her with everything you've got, how you build her as she takes up all of you. How she reveals her insecurities to you in the little questions and how you give her all the love and reassurance a girl would ever need.

You really are quite good-looking but the thing about you I admire most is that you see people for who they are. You're not one of the cute guys with extra-cute girlfriends. Not that they aren't beautiful people inside too, of course. But you see and know the heart above all. Thank you for making known the beauty of her heart. Thank you for showing me how a guy can really love a girl.

I remember your five points. I wrote them down. And this is not the farewell letter I promised you, but I just wanted to say this here. And that I wish I had given you a better goodbye hug. And thank you for letting me drive your car even though I was so terrible at it. Bicycles are also awesome.

And I do hope for nothing but the best for you, and for you and her. It truly is beautiful and it gives me hope.

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