Sep 1, 2013


I am suddenly reminded of a Mother's Day service in church some time back - last year, maybe? Pastor got all the mothers to stand in their seats while the rest of us prayed for them. As an elderly woman stood in front of me and I laid my hand on her to pray, I saw a vision of her. Majestic. Sitting on something like a throne, people around her - presumably her family - and she was so, so happy. An explosion of joy and peace and majesty. Gold and so much happiness. I was very taken aback by that image - it was so powerful - and I started tearing up for some reason. After that I wrote down my vision on a piece of paper and passed it to her.

I wonder how she reacted to the note. I hope she read it. I was just reminded about it again today, and even remembering it made me tear.

Well, if you see this, I'm Karen from City Harvest, and I hope you remember the note I wrote you in church. I still remember the image and how vivid and powerful it was. Thank you for allowing God to bless you through me - as it passes through me, I feel the power of His love.

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