Sep 1, 2013

drew me out of the deepest sea

I die every day.

Every day I fall. Every day I don't notice and I slip away. When you don't bother swimming the current pushes you away - you can't 'remain stationary'. It's a fight or nothing.

Every day I don't bother swimming. I fall further, further behind.

Yet every time I meet God He is gracious. He is gracious to give me His peace and reassurance, but never enough, always only enough to make me yearn for more, and then be overcome by guilt because I haven't been fighting. I haven't been praying earnestly, reading the Bible, worshipping in my own time. But He still gives me His love. I pray and He still comes. I can still come to him like a friend, like a daughter.

He draws me out of the sea every day. Salvation isn't one-time anymore. He saves me every day.

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