Jul 29, 2013

kitten kor kor

"I think what you're looking for is a relationship with God. You're looking in the wrong place."
 "My definition of relationships has changed. A relationship is God's love manifested in a person."

4am conversations on friendship, love, and awkwardness;

that aside, on a separate and yet completely related note, thank you. Thank you for the trust, and for allowing this friendship to be on its way to attaining the highest level: confidence. Maybe not fully so yet - maybe I'm still reserved - but thank you. Thank you for your honesty and sincerity and for the trust and the effort and for talking to me. For letting me know that I am a friend - it's tough when insecurity makes you look at your friendships through the lens of skepticism and doubt. Just... I can't find the words to say it, so thanks. Just thanks.

Someday I'll go knock on your door at midnight and make you drive me someplace we can lie on the road and look at stars and drink virgin rum and coke. And you cannot refuse. Confidence.


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