May 17, 2013

My birthday fundraiser for World Vision Singapore

Hello everyone! For those of you who haven't seen the message on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram yet, here's what I'm doing this 20th birthday.

This year, I'm asking that you don't give me presents or treats. They all mean a lot to me – cute balloons, books and plane tickets alike - but I know the money spent will mean much more to others not as fortunate as we are. We lead such comfortable lives, and the things we take for granted here – clean water, proper sanitation, healthcare and vaccination, food – aren’t available to everyone.

In conjunction with my birthday, I'm setting up a fundraiser for World Vision Singapore. I'm planning to raise $2028 for fourteen small causes, including deworming for 10 children in Vietnam, vaccination and immunisation for 20 kids in Laos, tuberculosis treatment for 70 villagers in Myanmar, farming / livelihood training and cows / chickens / sheep for families in need.

As of now, $1221 has been raised, and we've got $807 more to go! My birthday's tomorrow and I'm hoping to be able to close the fundraiser by then, but if it isn't possible, I might extend the fundraiser a little.

I really hope that you see the value in helping to provide practical help to household that really need it. Please check out my fundraiser at, and I do hope you will be moved to contribute, too!

Many of my friends have already very very kindly and generously contributed to my fundraiser, and for every person who gives, I write them a little message of gratitude, because I'm really, really very appreciative of every single giver, for their kind hearts that are willing to do good. You can check out the list of awesome contributors here! :)

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