Feb 8, 2013

an embrace too short to say:

Oh, it's all over. It's done.

There's so much going on in my head right now, I don't know if I'm happy or regretful. Maybe I could have done more. I hope they feel nothing less than what I did a year ago. I don't know, sis. What an experience.

It's done. I did it. They're an awesome bunch and I'm proud of them. I'm proud of Orientation 2013. There's just so much going on in my head. I'm exhausted, and it's all done, full circle, and you're here again, sis, we're back where it all began. What a journey. I'm overwhelmed by a sea of emotions, the whole range.

You did great, buddy. You've grown so much. I'm so proud of you.


Your OG kid makes a comment about how they can manage on their own because they're pretty comfortable with each other already; they mix with one another pretty well. And I see your face light up like you've just struck gold. Pride. You did it. You did it. You did it.

It's finally over, pal, it's official.

You're a big boy now; it seems like just yesterday we first met: you the wide-eyed enthusiastic junior who thought we could be classmates, me the senior in disguise laughing at and touched by your innocent sincerity. It has been a whole year, man. A whole year - you getting furious upon finding out my real identity, you first joining Chinese Orchestra, almost-joining Council, your first term exam, Christina Perri and Chuck Palahniuk, your bimbz comment at Marche (thinking the ornamental fountain was for washing our hands). And then you grew up a little - your concert solo with that erhu, a smattering of love. I watched you grow in leaps, yet only in a small chapter of your teenage life.

Mercury '12! (karen the crasher sticks out like a sore thumb DUDE YOU LOOKED SO YOUNG)
And this is another chapter. The most exhilarating four days of your JC life. Full circle. From the wonderstruck freshie to the one leading the kids. I've been looking forward to this day, too, ever since your own Orientation ended.

I can't believe you're J2 now. You're still that excited newbie to me. It's all over now, and I'm so proud of the guy you've become. Through it all, I'm so glad to have been there with you, if only through Whatsapp and  our random dinners. And our lists of songs and books and stories to share. coolboi95 versus hotgal93. Fat kid versus small-eyed shortie. Ruockstar. The right way and the ruo wei.


  Full circle, boy.
Mzonka: Aster '11, Mythos: Mercury '12, Voda: Calypso '13!

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