Jan 27, 2013

Rev. Paul Scanlon

I was watching his sermon at my church online from home, so I managed to type out some of the things he said, and it was a really good message, so relevant to me. I want to share some of the things he said here. Not word-for-word quotes, because I don't type that fast and I only decided to type some of them out a while after he said the stuff, but the general ideas are there, and they're great. Basically, it was about how some of us just sit around, fearing that our decisions might not be what God wants for us, waiting for God to give us some kind of a sign before we move on.

"And God would say, why would I have given you all those unique talents and abilities... only to have you sit around when you're older, saying you're waiting for Me to give you a sign? Why are you acting like the blessings haven't already come?"

"Steps precede guidance. If you're looking for guidance, do something."

"Some people keep asking, "What would Jesus do?" Well, I'm not Jesus. Jesus made me my own way, with my own personality, my own quirks...
That's how some of us think God guides our lives, like we have no opinion, no say, like we're a robot... sometimes the will of God is a multiple choice, and God doesn't care which you choose...just get used to making your own decisions. Motion is key.

I can't find my way along the roads a lot, so I have a GPS to guide me. The GPS only speaks when it needs to, and I could be driving along a road for two hours, and the GPS doesn't say anything. I pull over looking for some reassurance that I'm right, but the GPS never says "You're doing great" or anything. It only tells me when I need to make a turn. And we always think, God, say something! And God says, don't worry, chill out, I know how to get you where you want to be. And even when we take a wrong turn on the road, the GPS just redirects you to where you're supposed to be. Everyone takes wrong turns. God has planned for it. If you took a wrong turn with the right heart, God can bring you back. God is drawn to motion."

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