Jan 29, 2013

A couple of quotes

I would never trade a question for an answer...I can't really see the long term profit.
Answers, as I see it, are useful to have around, but kind of boring too...I mean, they don't seem to participate in the ever-transforming dance of the whole universe, as we are; sticking with them means you lose out on most of the fun.
Reality can change as easily as the way you care to see it. An answer, static in nature as it is, refers to one frozen snapshot of that reality. Its value can only go down. Today's treasure could be tomorrow's garbage.
- 'A day at the park'


And nothing but scenery, that view of the meadow in October, returns again and again to me like a symbolic scene in a film. Each time it appears, it delivers a kick to some part of my mind. Wake up, it says. I'm still here. Wake up and think about it. Think about why I'm still here. The kicking never hurts me. There's no pain at all. Just a hollow sound that echoes with each kick. And even that is bound to fade one day. At Hamburg Airport, though, the kicks were longer and harder than usual. Which is why I am writing this book. To think. To understand. It just happens to be the way I'm made. I have to write things down to feel I fully comprehend them.
- Norwegian Wood

Death exists, not as the opposite but as a part of life.
...Death exists - in a paperweight, in four read and white balls on a pool table - and we go on living and breathing it into our lungs like fine dust.
Until that time, I had understood death as something entirely separate from and independent of life. The hand of death is bound to take us, I had felt, but until the day it reaches out for us, it leaves us alone. This had seemed to me the simple, logical truth. Life is here, death is over there. I am here, not over there...
Death was not the opposite of life. It was already here, within my being, it had always been here, and no struggle would permit me to forget that... In the midst of life, everything revolved around death.
- Norwegian Wood

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