Jun 26, 2012

A disclaimer I should have added a long time ago

Quite a lot of the stuff I write about don't come from my own genuine personal experience. For example, I don't club. I don't see the fun in it at all. I'd rather go somewhere less noisy and have a good chat with my friends. I also have never gotten drunk - after seeing what drunk people can do without remembering, I've vowed never to get to that state. If these people could step out of their bodies and see themselves. No, the next day they pass by the same acquaintance / friend they made out with / cursed / publicly humiliated, and they don't realise anything has changed. I only drink anything alcoholic at social gatherings, and the number of times I've touched alcohol can be counted on one hand. My life is also a lot less interesting (but a lot more happening!) than my blog depicts. Most of my made-up stories are inspired from movies, books, performances, music videos, whatever. Sorry to disappoint. That said, my writing is also raw and genuine, which means I can't write it if I can't genuinely feel it. And my writing speaks my heart, whether or not the situations depicted really happened.

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